Dean and Human Organ Manufacturing

Here is a link from Thomas Industry Update about Dean and Human Organ Manufacturing.

Its good to see he is staying on the cutting edge.

Mr Mike :slight_smile:

This subject is near and dear to my heart, which is not 3D printed: at least not yet.

I didn’t realize how big Dean Kamen was, I was unaware he was involved with these other things, good to know:p

Kinda huge, based on the number of meds that trash people’s livers and kidneys…

I hope this goes somewhere.

Yeah I hear there are a lot of substances that can have bad effects on the liver and impair other organs.

As an organ donor nurse, I guess Dean is going to put me out of job. Oh well, I’d rather be playing with FRC robots anyhow!

While I don’t want to see you out of work … I do wish that we never need another organ donor.

I could really use a couple of new organs…autoimmune disorders suck.

If we can reach a point where we can fabricate most or even all organs, that could save a lot of people so much money, and allow the donors to keep their organs. So I wish we never need another one either:p

What will us donors do with our organs when deceased?
Though for things like kidneys I agree.

I mean I hope some school gets my bones…
Plowie can take care of the rest.

I think he meant living donors