Dean and Woodie

I was doing some thinking about the elections that are coming up. I came to the conclusion that I dont really want a rich lawyer or a senior, or a CEO of a major company running my county. I want a person that would do things for the good of the people not for the good of them selfs. Now I remember the Jon Stewart and Steven Cobert bumper stickers for pres. So I made one for fun on who I think would do good for our country.

This is just for fun, I’m not serious.
Check that out, Lavery + Kamen 2008.

Just saying, the idea has been out there.

I think you might be on to something here… :smiley:

But Paul has more experience being President of FIRST and all…

Please dont turn this into a debate

Isn’t the purpose of a forum to debate and discuss ideas? And why would it be wrong for some to take the basic concept you though of and modify it slightly because they feel that their modifications would improve the idea of make it more feasible? Also why does a person’s profession determine the selfishness (or selflessness) of their actions, wouldn’t a lawyer, who only accepts cases where injustices have occurred act more selflessly than a person who invented and sells various products that help the world? And what exactly is a senior?

I just dont want this to turn into “blablabla is better” and “so and so is stupid” This is not a topic about McCane, Obama, Paul, or Clinton.

That’s too bad; the best presidents, imo, have been split as to whether or not they would run for president without others pushing them to do so. (Un)fortunately for Dean Kamen, Dave Lavery, and Woodie Flowers, all of them have had a strong political background.

I would love to see Dean and Woodie or Lavery would be our president/Vice.

He was talking about Paul Gudonis, president of FIRST, and I think it is more of an aside than a debate topic. I highly doubt anyone will seriously engage in a non-joking debate over whether Paul Gudonis or Dean Kamen would make a better president. As another aside, a different Paul who is prominent in FIRST, Paul Copioli, previously announced that he would run for office in 2008… Copioli + Big Mike as Dean’s co-secretaries of the Department of Bearhugs? (Talk about a “high-pressure” work environment)

ohhhhhhhhhhh i saw Paul and thought Ron Paul. Paul Gudonis never cross my mind.

Paul came to the MN regional! It was cool.