Dean full interview on ac360

Pulled this from another thread. Thought it should stand alone.

This is Dean at his absolute best!

I highly suggest everyone send this link to their US Representatives and Senators. Dean comments on the health care debacle are ABSOLUTELY right on the mark! We as a society and as a Government are focusing on the WRONG thing.

Dean-- Thank you for saying what I have been thinking and trying to say for months!

I like how later in the broadcast he hits on some major points that have Karl Fisch undertones: in 20 years most of the technology jobs will have names and descriptions that do not exist today. Moving forward, the U.S. is fielding a very small team relative to its population size and when compared to many other countries. Those two things seem to be the sticking points in any conversation about the future of tech jobs in the U.S.

I happened to come across this on the CNN iPhone app and immediately came to CD to see if anyone else had seen it. Dean did a really good job being the interviewee, he made excellent points about our current issues with healthcare and the race for innovation around the world. Anderson seems a little bored near the end of the interview (the part where Dean is talking about FIRST). a invite to attend the New york City Regional might change his mind.

If you got the twenty minutes to watch the video, it’s well worth the time.

Very compelling and worth the time!

By far one of Dean’s best interviews. The excitement that he conveys on his face is really something you don’t see all that often.

Dean does seem really excited about his ideas, which makes the whole interview that much more interesting.

Thanks for posting this on CD.

Wow. Definitely worth listening for 20 minutes.

THIS is why we all adore Dean. He is at his best here.