Dean + Green Cars

Sorry if this was posted elsewhere but i found it very intriguing and thought it might be known what our lovable dean is trying to do now for the world!!! It’s just one thing after another for this man =D

Woah! I think my respect for Dean just went up even more! (was that even possible?!)

he did it again

Yeah…his Hummer is REALLY eco-friendly…</sarcasm>

why do all green cars or hybrids look so stupid? why dont they turn a a car that is all ready in production int a green car hybrid?

Making the cars is not the problem, it’s persuading the world to buy them.

All eco-friendly cars sacrifice one thing or another to make them environmentally friendly. You have to sacrifice something to gain something…

But most people don’t want to sacrifice and still save the Earth. Something has got to give people!

so its cheaper to make them look like the way they do then trying to produce the models that are being made?

The current shapes of hybrids are more aerodynamic than most current production cars. I believe that the structure of hybrids is also made of lighter materials and the current non-hybrid designs either wouldn’t be stable with the lighter materials or the chassis would weigh so much more that a more powerful engine would be needed to haul around what is effectively dead weight, which would defeat the point of a hybrid. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong here)

I do agree thought that they need to change the look of the car because there are a lot of cars out there (Cavalier for me) which look better yet still are very aerodynamic. I am sure that if the technology improves over time and the market grows, the look of the cars will improve too.

Personally I liked the car in the Picture. If it came down to choosing a car by looks. I wouldn’t mind having that one. Now as for functionality the only problem I would have is how small it is. I would have to get a trailer to drag my friends around.

You’re right. No one can ever design a sexy electric car.

That is amazing. From day to day i admire Dean more and more. Does this man ever get sleep?

Oh boy, that looks hot! Shame it’s not famous enough.
I also like the name - “TESLA”. Sounds nice, and very meaningfull too.

Dean’s interaction with Th!nk was previously discussed here:

Oh, it’s famous enough, just not in the circles of most of America. Being right near where they’re designing these things, it’s been neat to go there and get to see the project go from ideas on paper to working models. (Also, the Tesla’s seats are REALLY comfortable. REALLY.)

It might have something to do with the $98,000 base price as well. :ahh: We can buy a lot of ugly hybrids for that kind of money.

I think the 98,000$ price tag on the car might have to do with the fact that they are the only people that make a sporty electric car.


Hey… why not do it yourself… it might not look like much, but it will turn the quarter mile faster than most anything street legal.


P.S. Why is everyone so excited about “Green Cars”… I like Red ones… they go faster…

P.P.S. If Dean can invent a car that is more efficient than my bicycle, then I really be impressed!

Even a typical car can be more “efficient” than walking, if what you’re worried about is greenhouse gas emission. It’s not a big leap to imagine that a sterling-engine-charged electric vehicle could be sufficiently more “efficient” that it betters a bicycle.

Not many hybrids can match the performance or acceleration of a Lamborghini Murcielago, like the Tesla Roadster does. :stuck_out_tongue:

here save some money buy it used…

But for 98,000$ it is quite a bit better deal then the lambo.