Dean Kamen = a rock star

Man, it was so awesome this weekend at Nationals! There were so many highlights. But one of my favorite memories was of meeting Dean Kamen! My friend and I actually ran into him twice. We saw him on Friday right near the water fountains. I was drinking water and she tapped me on the shoulder as was like, “Look, it’s Dean Kamen”. I stood up and we began freaking out like girls who had just seen like Brad Pitt or something. We ran over to him (because no one else was around, which was really weird because there was a big crowd of people standing near him). We proceeded to introduce ourselves in the most awkward fashion because we were so excited.

The next day, Saturday, we saw him in the pits heading back from the Autodesk booth to do some more pit scouting. He was standing there and people were filming him. We stuck around and got his autograph. We also showed him the “I heart Dean Kamen” shirts that all the girls on our team made. He laughed out loud. We then walked briskly (because running was unsafe) back to our pit area so show everyone. And of course, we did the girlish squeal. It was amazing!!

It’s also kinda funny. Appearantly another girl on our team shoved Serguay out of the way to take a picture of Dean Kamen. When she found out later who he was she felt soooo dumb, and we of course laughed at her.

I also got to meet Ed Sparks (who is another one of my heros). He was at our pits and my friend was calling me over, and I didn’t know why. Then I was Ed Sparks walking away and I was like “Oh my God”. And he almost escaped, except she went and stopped him. It was awesome!!!

So yeah, those guys are like my superstars. I was way more excited to meet Dean Kamen and Ed Sparks than I would be if I met someone like I dunno… Orlando Bloom (you know what I mean?).

So do any of you have any fun stories???!!!

I met Woody Flowers last year when my team was waiting for the Marta in Atl. That was so completely awesome for me because he signed my shirt and I got a picture with him.

This year I got to really face-to-face meet Cinniqua the best emcee EVER.



…Let’s just say I’m a good persuader…

I’ll be posting pictures soon!

I think it’s spelled Shaniqua.

Yea I messed up…Its actually spelled Chiniqua.

yeah well dean kamen doesn’t know how to continue a thought
he talks for a while, stops in the middle of a sentence, then continues like nothing happened


I was meeting Delphites all over the place.
At the competition, at the hotel,at the CNN center, at the airport and was sitting next to Rachakate on the plane home (sorry I kept you from your homework, Katie :o ). I got lots of signatures for my Fantasy FIRST shirt. Now I gotta score the league.

We met the Woz when we were walking back to the hotel Friday…and he said he met my brother the week before (my brother made Woz’s watch). At the social I got to meet Dean, and later Woodie, who signed my Nixie Watch.

Even us old folks get to meet rock stars in FIRST

We (Cody C and I) ran into Woody and wanted him to sign our robot, as that was what we were getting all of our allied drive teams to do and as many other people as we could get. Well, anyways, that didn’t work, because the robot was on its way to a match, where cody and I were supposed to be going. Woody was going to try to come with us to catch them, but he had to go somewhere, so we settled for having him sign our pant legs. Too bad my shirt and sharpie were both black.

Nevertheless, Andy Baker signed our robot, and as we know from this thread,, Andy Baker trumps all.

So did I (on my grade sheets) :wink:

Oh btw, its spelled “WoodIE Flowers”

My name is hiding somewhere on the 306 machine too. Anyways, this morning on the Marta, we walked onto the car and we see this guy with white hair in a pony tail at the front. It was Dr. Flowers. I got a picture with him, but I was grinning like an idiot, so it didn’t come out so well.

On Friday I chased (while walking) someone through the pits who I thought was Grady, but it wasn’t. Then I got meet Andy Baker, and Grady, and I saw Andy Brockway. Is that like an Andy Triple Play or something?? :wink:

I never got to meet Dave Lavery, but I did see him flying around on a Segway during the eeerrrrr… interesting drive team meeting.

I got Dave Lavery’s AND Mark Leon’s (Curie MC) on my Crew shirt this year :stuck_out_tongue: I got Dean and Mark’s on my Team shirt last year … Now I just need Woodie …

Sean … Tell your dad I said thanks :smiley:

I saw Dave Lavery on the Webcast. And he winked at me!

But I did get to see Dean last year at FLR, and we talked about fun topics…like…segways…and…robots…

Yeah, I actually saw him zip by on his Segway in the pits while I was napping/scouting.

Meeting Dean Kamen was amazing…I was with Tracey (Ebolagirl) and we were so excited to finally meet him. Luckily we ran into him again in the pits when I actually had my “I heart Dean Kamen” shirt with me! His face was awesome when he saw it…I have a picture and I’ll try to post it soon. Those moments were some of the best in Atlanta!

My best friend on our team has a story he has told everyone many times. He went to the bathroom and ended up, umm, “standing” next to Woz. He didn’t know how to talk to him without sounding horrfically awkward, but now he brags he peed next to the inventor of the personal computer. Makes me laugh at least.

I prefer the term CD’er myself… lol But… that’s just me.

Hey Ed, do I have to be present at the FF shirt award ceremony to hand over my title to the new reigning FF champ?? lol

Is this like the Miss. America Pageant? LOL :rolleyes: Cause… I don’t think I’ll look good in the evening gown part of it… :yikes:

But, my hair still is blonde. (front right) so… idk… LOL
Maybe I can pull it off. :ahh:

Not unless you can possibly afford tickets to Isreral. David55 has Wildstang so it could be his. We’ll have to see when we score the league.

I spoke to this really nice guy for like 10-15 minutes before the finals. I talked to him about his judging experience, Israel and others. Then, he gave me a short lesson on his Segway and let me ride around a little. All I can remember is that his name tag said “Steve Wozniak”. Thanks to Greg needel for telling me who he is a few days later.

Ed - I’ll in NY and Pennsylvania all summer, so a flight to Israel won’t be necessary :wink:

( About 10 seconds before they announced the winner I let out a loud “one eleven” (didn’t want to scream it too loud because I was right on the field next to all the important people). Once John Abele announced it, I was so amazed that i was able to predict the winner. )

It’s a personal favorite story of mine now Shaver, I tell it to lots of people! :yikes:

I meet Dean and Woodie a few years back, but I’m more honored to meet all the hard working mentors and students out there I read about on CD!

Will you be at PARC?