Dean Kamen and Evan Bayh video from 1994

Going through all of the videos in our TechnoKats archives, I found this video of Dean Kamen speaking to the US Governor’s conference in 1994. So, I loaded it into youtube. Evan Bayh spoke on the impact of FIRST in Kokomo (TechnoKats). At the time, Bayh was Governor of Indiana and he is now one of our state Senators.

It’s amazing that this video is 13 years old. It is still current.

Andy B.

That video is really really cool! That’s all I can say. :slight_smile:

Dean hasn’t cahnged a bit in 13 years. Does he have an invention we don’t know about? :ahh:

An entire wardrobe of denim. Mysterious things can happen.

yeah, we really do need to buy Dean some new clothes. With all the money he’s got, you think he could get better than a Canadian Tuxedo.