Dean Kamen and talk at NPR

Dean Kamen and had recently talked to NPR about “I Am First: Science Is Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

Best excerpt from the program from

“There’s this one guy named Edgar, it changed his life. He was going to be a gangster on drugs. He had a child. And U.S. FIRST changed his life. Now he’s going to make prosthetic hearts. Like how do you go from that? How do you go from I was going to go down this route, and now I’m going down this route, which they’re not even connected.”

Good link, Rei. really, truly gets it. It took me about 4 years.

Wow, he put his own money to buy a block of network television. Wow.

I mean, that’s… indescribable. I know he has quite the net worth, but that’s no small potatoes.

Everyone should thank for single-handily putting up money and his time to promote FIRST !

This is the most publicity for Science since NASA launched space shuttles !