Dean Kamen Featured in ABC News Article

Changing the World One Invention at a Time
Dean Kamen: Inventor, Entrepreneur and Casual Dresser

Read this article featuring Dean Kamen and his inventions, including FIRST Robotics. Comments?


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“FIRST”, not “First”!

Save for that, the article was pretty good. :slight_smile:

Blue jeans and dress shirt?

I’ve always wondered. Does Dean have a summer set of short sleeved shirt and jean shorts?

Hahah, I’ll make it a point to ask Libby next time I see her :rolleyes:

why no, he does not.

jeans & denim shirt constantly.

^way to ask me neil. i think i’ve talked to you, what, like twice since that post?

it’s actually pretty cool. i like how he describes why. “i wear them when i work, and when i’m awake, i’m always working”

Ive always wondered about this - if DK has an alter ego, like Clark Kent and Superman

we never see Dean wearing anything else because when he puts on different clothes he becomes someone else?

(remember, his father was a comic book illustrator…)

Haha. I really enjoyed the article.

I like how he says that there have been so many inventions but not that many innovations. I think he’s right and I’m glad that he’s aiming for innovations instead of inventions.

hahhahaaa that WOULD be cool,

Dean Kamen becomes…hmmm…what’s a good superhero name for him??
idk. i doubt he has any TIME to change between himself & an alter ego. He’s pretty busy. That would be mad cool, though.

[note: although his father did comic books, they weren’t the superhero kind. He mostly did Shock&Horror, Tales from the Crypt, and other stuff that doesn’t make good bedtime stories.]