Dean Kamen files patent application for an inflatable, illuminated wind turbine

Lord Dumpling has done it again!

Read all about it:

I see a new form of robot power! Imagine each robot with a giant inflatable turbine on it. Aside from that, I see some serious potential in this, especially because it’s inflatable. Not only will it be lighter and therefore easier for the wind to push, but it’ll also be easier to transport. Like, you could bring a little wind turbine in a pack, and get free renewable energy whenever you need it!

I want one for camping XD I like the idea of using them as a billboard…there’s a lot of energy to be harvested if we replace all the billboards with wind turbines. I bet his island is going to have quite a few of these around.

How can the GDC design a game around this?

Would it be as loud as most wind turbines?

2012 game. Each turbine is colored red or blue, and each alliance must make robots to use air to spin the turbines, and the team who makes the most electricity wins!

Nah, that would be a pretty boring game. I just want one for my own personal use. It could be used to charge batteries between matches! Though you would need lots of wind of that.

How large would these turbines have to be to be viable?

Think Red Bull Air Race: robots have to manuver a game piece through a field full of rotating turbines. The robot alliance with the best lap times get the point for the circuit. However, if a robot touches a turbine, they get a penalty. Similar to the real air race, even in the fact that pilots use inflated pylons while practicing!

Did…he just create a higher-tech version of the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man?

It’s purpose IS for advertisement…

Here is a copy of the application. There are 28 pages of drawing in it!

US20110215738(A1).pdf (2.1 MB)

US20110215738(A1).pdf (2.1 MB)

Hey Cory, your at Arrowhead over by KM i bet. I know not because I am a creep, but because I go to Kettle Moraine, and market team 2077.
How’s the year looking for you?

long story short: very hectic lol.

I find it funny how Dean WILL NOT give up on his windturbines. Look up Dean Kamen and Dumpling island. There is actually a weird bit of history to be found. Even includes secession, wind turbines, constitutions and President Bush.