Dean Kamen in the running for next WPI President

Check it out. Looks like the WPI Presidential Search has turned up Dean. How awesome is that?

No wonder he didn’t have the time to keep running FIRST.

…hence why it’s going to Indy? :wink:

You’d think that WPI would be consistant enough that when they kick someone out they make sure they stay out but apparently not…


Umm You do remember what day this is, don’t you?

Yeah, it definitely looks official. prez.html…hmm

“As early as the fall of 2002, WPI was courting domestic diva turned jailbird Martha Stewart, but when the news leaked to the media, she became a target of scandal, resulting in her recent trial and conviction. As a result, she is obviously no longer available to sit at the helm of the university.”

Looks like they traded Martha for Dean! I think it’s a trade up, if you ask me! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Y’all did read the disclaimer, right?

They started doing this in 97 but had to stop making it directly visible off campus in 99 after some confusion. Usually most of it is in jokes to the WPI students and faculty.

Chris you cant fool me. There is know way Dean would go back to WPI. For all of you who dont know this is just part of the april fools joke that is always played on the campus. Hey chris what part did Gallotti play in this?

Sorry if this might seem silly, as I am more of an MIT man then WPI (I don’t think I could ever back a boston college that shows only one student with a baseball cap and it is a Yankee one), but why would Dean never go back to WPI? What happened in the first place? Did they insult the segway or something?

He has gone back. He was the keynote speaker at my graduation in 2002. He rode into Harrington (indoor grad because of rain) on a Segway and gave a very good and funny speach. Actually of all the times I’ve heard him speak that was by far his best speech.


edit= For those who don’t know, Dean would have been WPI class of 73 but he never graduated. He has since been given an honerary doctorate.

…along with about 80-billion other colleges. But at least the WPI one is at eye level, as opposed to the Babson one, which was wayyyyyyyyyyy up in the corner :wink:

:confused: In the corner of what? My best guess is that you’re referring to a wall in his house where he displays such things?

Yes, he has his degrees covering a wall in one of his offices. If you can go to the Founder’s dinner, which I don’t recommend :mad: but that’s another thread, next year you’ll have the opportunity to see how many he has.

One being from the college he dropped out of amuses me. Is that wrong? :confused:

Yes, I do. Hence the non-serious comment that I made. :wink:


And this is why I hate reading forums on april fool’s day. Everyone thinks they’re soooo clever.