Dean Kamen Issues Important Homework Assignment

[left]FIRST asked us to post this for them:

Dean Kamen Issues Important Homework Assignment

Attention FIRST Robotics Competition participants! As you all heard at the 2004 FRC Kickoff event, Dean Kamen has challenged you to complete an important assignment: apply for a FIRST scholarship.

 This year FIRST is proud to partner with close to 40 colleges and universities, several companies and professional associations to offer over 180 scholarship opportunities exclusively to FIRST participants. 

 You can answer Dean’s call by visiting the FIRST website to view the details and application requirements for these scholarships. You will find the page has recently been updated to include our newest offering from the University of the Pacific. 

 Help FIRST show our scholarship partners how much we value their support by visiting the website and applying today! 


 If you have any questions, feel free to email Catherine Attardo at FIRST ([email protected])

As a graduating senior, my biggest problem with the scholarships offered is simply that I’m not applying to any of the schools. Except for three on that list, all of the scholarships are only for specific schools (none of which are the schools I got accepted to early or that I sent an application out). There’s the Society of Women Engineers Scholarship Award, but I’m not a woman. There’s the ASME-ASME Auxiliary FIRST Scholarship, but I’m planning on studying electrical engineering. That leaves the Smallparts scholarship being the only option to me.

My request to FIRST: Get more general scholarships. I’d imagine the school-specific scholarships would be easier to set up and offer to students, but if you could find more scholarships like the ASME or Smallparts scholarships, I’m sure a lot more people would apply for them.