Dean Kamen On 60 Minutes.

Kamen was on 60 minutes tonight for his work on prosthetics. Very interesting piece.


Our whole family gathered around the TV for once to catch it! It’s remarkable how far they’ve come so far with the DEKA arm and prosthetics in general.

Just saw the clip, wow, that was amazing how the guy was controlling the hand just by thought…

Technology has come so far. I remember seeing Dean present the arm in '06/'07(they blur together) and now I’m sure its close (relatively) to being controlled by human thought instead of toe sensors.

I was extremely impressed. My whole extended family gathered around the TV to watch the special. Everyone was in awe. I can’t believe how fast that technology is moving forward!

Maybe next year’s challenge will be to pick up eggs and cook something :wink:

Oh that would be quite the experience.

I only caught part of it, but it was interesting and amazing! thanks for putting the clip up now i can watch the whole thing ^^

Some people say “Oh I’ve met Michael Jordan” or some other athlete/entertainer.

Us FIRSTers have one better…

We’ve met Dean Kamen

I was playing some form of Mass Player Game on the interwebs with my friends when I heard his name. My immediate reaction was typing “be back later, Dean Kamen is on TV”.

They called Kamen a “rockstar” and he was mentioning kids and robotics all over the place. I was kind of dissapointed when he didn’t mention FIRST. :frowning:

I have heard/seen Dean speak to many different audiences and he NEVER fails to promote FIRST. I suspect he mentioned FIRST dozens of times … they probably edited it out …

Ya he always brings up first but they probabily cut it out since the segment was on the arms not him.

but everyone here should go to the public, point to this video, and say

“this is why engineering is important, this is why FIRST is important, this is why you need to get involved with a FIRST team !!!”

that is all the explanation FIRST needs…

just watched this… that was amazing

On that note, anyone know how I can get a copy of this to edit and play back?

I’m thinking I’m out of luck since CBS probably does not make this available on DVD or for download.

Ihave a digital copy of the entire episode that I am working on editing down to just the Kamen segment. Drop me an e-mail…