Dean Kamen on Colbert Report II

Did anybody else notice Dean Kamen in the background on his segway talking with the representative from Hawaii on the December 12, 2006 show in the “Better Know a District” section? :yikes: It should be airing again at 1430 and 2030 today if you want to try and catch it. If not Im sure its floating around online somewhere, I’ll see if I can find it to post a link

I did see that - thought it was pretty cool. I wonder if Stephen and Dean had a follow-up conversation. Hopefully Dean had a chance to speak at the gathering - the people at the event were all incoming congressmen and congresswomen, and if the 200 or so of them hear about FIRST now, hopefully they’ll be brave to bring it up while congress is in session.

There were only 56 (iirc) Congressmen at that meeting (only the rookie members).

Looked to me like he was in an I-Bot, not a Segway.

Here is an image of him on the Colbert Report.

i noticed that when i watched the rerun about an hour ago!

yeyy dean! haha

at 3 minutes you will see kamen talking with a group of people while on his ibot…

I have another DK sighting, this time during Colbert’s inspirational speech at Stanford (aired tonight 12/19). Anyone notice him in the front of the crowd???


ugh, i cant see the picture yet because my school has to block EVERYTHING!! (everything meaning they’ve blocked Google and Yahoo before)


Click on the video marked “Stephen Goes to Harvard Part 2”

He was speaking at Harvard’s Institute of Politics, and Dean Kamen is in the front row about 2/3 of the way through the video.

I think this is a conspiracy. Dean is showing up in many episodes. What’s up with that?

Maybe Dean’s just doing his own homework? :stuck_out_tongue: