Dean Kamen on NPR today

For all of those of you who are interested, Dean Kamen is going to be on NPR today. Around 2 O’clock EST. Here is a link

And inside of the NPR link above is another link.

It is to “Gearing Up” - you can watch it online here

haha. I bought the DVD; I didn’t think it would be available online. Oh well, at least my money went towards something I will watch several times, and show my friends.


I’m watching Anderson Cooper on CNN, and he just said that Dean Kamen was coming on and said that he was the, “greatest inventor of our decade”.

I thought the whole interview would be on this site°-radar/ but i couldn’t find it. I also thought i heard that Dean would be on their medical show this week-end. Boy, his plate is full.

Here is the link to video of Dean’s interview on AC 360 earlier.

Really great interview. I wonder if there is any hint of what our game could be here, I know it’s a far stretch, but it’s just a thought. Only a few more days till Kick-off…can’t wait to see what great game we have this year.

aww man! I missed it! Do you know if it will air again?
But did you see him in that one commercial? He was riding around on a Segway. Don’t remember what it was for though. :confused:

That was a Discovery Channel commercial.

Ah okay. It was embarrassing, my dad was fast forwarding through the commercials and all I saw was Dean Kamen and screamed like a little girl and scared the crap out of him! lol (And totally random but I realized last night that IDK could totally mean I’m Dean Kamen)

The transcript and audio of the npr interview is at the link in the first post.