Dean Kamen on The Colbert Report (April 5th, 2010)

From Colbert’s Facebook Fan Page:

Inventor Dean Kamen and “Wire” creator David Simon bring, respectively, hope for and fear of the future to The Colbert Report next week. Don’t miss it!

I got the date from Stephen’s homepage:

This should be interesting. While I don’t know what Dean will talk about on the show, it’s always a pretty cool deal to listen to him speak*. So if you receive Comedy Central, tune in this Monday at 11:30pm EST.

*Except during Kick-Off when the anticipation of seeing the game animation is unbearable. :smiley:

It sounds like he’s talking about FIRST… That’ll be awesome.

this will be great i hope FIRST comes up

You hope?

No need to hope. It is a sure thing. Dean Kamen will not miss an opportunity to talk about FIRST – especially not when the Championship is less than two weeks away.

I think he was on the Colbert Report a year or two ago. I think he had the ibot with him

Yup, along with the slingshot.

Dean seems to drop in FIRST whenever he can, so I’m positive it will come up.

I love FIRST and I love Colbert. It’s going to be an amazing show. The “Colbert Bump” will definitely help to raise awareness of everything FIRST stands for.

If I remember right this is Dean’s 3rd time (once with the Ibot and the other with the device that turns anything into drinkable water… including Nacho Cheese Doritos) on the Colbert Report and the other times he was on he talked about it. So Dean being well Dean he will bring it up while pulling of the 80s Jeans and Jean shirt fashion.

I just saw Dean Kamen talk at the Umich just a week ago or so, FIRST is pretty much the clincher. Odds are if he can’t talk about that, he will not talk at all (You can feel free to strikeout “Odds are”).

For that speech, there was by my impression, since I don’t go to the weekly talks that Kamen was selected for one of them, an unusually large crowd of students there that were not regulars.

Dean spoke at a panel during the 50th Anniversary of Hawaiian Statehood.
Someone in the audience asked what his greatest invention was. He answered - FIRST - an organization that invents inventors.

He’s actually presenting a 30 minute powerpoint presentation on the new ranking system.


Impossible. There wouldn’t be enough time. He would need both Stewart and Colbert’s complete airtime (commercial-free) to go over just the Seeding Points alone. Then there’s Coopertition…

Dean Kamen showed up at the North Carolina Regional on Saturday! It was allot of fun… but also at the end he was preaching the new Cree LED Lightbulb. This thing was bright as a searchlight! After seeing it myself I looked over to my fellow cheeseheads and they were all squinting and covering their eyes. This is a fine possibility for what he may be talking about. Last time he showed off a new invention… why not now? (Along with FIRST)

There’s our answer. I’m sure Dean will still throw in a small FIRST pitch, though.

I can only hope that he brings the video of him being kicked in the nose by 1519 (I believe) from North Carolina this past weekend :slight_smile:

Haha, we watched that over and over in the car ride in slow motion! Of course our operator had it on the highest kicker level! We are just glad that after our drive team ventured over to him after the match that he was okay. No team wants to be known as the one who sent him to the hospital! :o

For those who are wondering in our second finals match we turned our robot to kick to the near zone and kicked too soon and hit Dean Kamen right in the face from 10 feet away. It was a very hard kick and no damage was done! :slight_smile:

Do you have the vid online?

Or for those of us that don’t, there is always

True. I think interviews are also posted on too, but I don’t know the timeframe between airing and posting.

There’s also a podcast up on interviewing him about FIRST.