Dean Kamen on The Colbert Report (April 5th, 2010)

That was unfortunate but kind of funny. He, in the spirit of FIRST, shook hands with his attackers afterwards as they apologized. He was a great sport like we all should be. :smiley:

Post the video! It was funny and could brighten my day!

A reminder to everyone…the Colbert Report is airing now, dean will be on shortly!


I will be catching it tomorrow on Hulu/ColbertNation (as many others probably will), so please don’t spoil it for us! :slight_smile:

Watching it now. Watch out, Colbert’s gotta robotic arm as well.

I missed it :’( does anyone know when it goes up on hulu or colbet nation?

Haha we might. :smiley: We also have all the elimination matches and our qualifications to post online.

really good interview! the arm looks great, and of course got the FIRST plug in there…way to go dean!

Yep, he mentioned FIRST but it was more of like a side note…

WOAH hello same time post ^^^^^^^^^^

Hulu apparently just publishes the links from Colbert Nation. And Colbert Nation takes approximately 1-3 business days to post their interviews/episodes.

Good Interview

I like how Colbert brought up FIRST instead of dean plugging it in.

also, Colbert asked if the GA dome would be full, and Dean silently dodged the question. Im hoping Dean can answer that question with a resounding “yes” in a few years… that is if we continue to do this years Homework.

Gotta love how Colbert mentioned the jeans and denim shirt~ XD

I didn’t know that Dean Kamen had 3 arms.

Well, he does now~

If we don’t fill the dome this year, perhaps by the time we get back to Atlanta (2014?) the teams may be big enough to do it. Dean’s homework notwithstanding, it’s hard enough to get attendance at a 3-hour baseball game but impossible without beer. So 8 hours of mechanical mayhem without alcohol will be a real tough sell to non-relatives of the participants. Sorry, Dean, it will be easier to make those 150 pound machines fly than to fill the Georgia Dome. Unless of course someone dares to play the trump card - cheerleaders!

I don’t think we’ll be able to fill the Georgia dome in a few years… Perhaps the new venue in St. Louis, though :slight_smile:

LOL! :wink:

But I completely agree with you. It is very hard to fill an event that runs two days for hours. Expos are full with people coming in and checking out the event and then leaving. I even can’t wait until the last match some days I’m tired and done watching robots.

It is a good idea and we can all definitely work on getting the stands fuller, but a full house might just be out of reach for a long long time.

if we could get them to come for the Einstein Finals… I’ve seen the 100’s and 200’s fill up on the Einstein side. hopefully this year, we can get the 300’s filled… that is if Security lets us

That is mostly because everyone comes to see that though! But it is true that we could get a ton of people in there for the finals for a couple of hours!