Dean Kamen Speaks at Commencement

It looks like our leader will return to the GA Dome on Saturday to talk to graduates of one of the finest institutions in our country. Many graduates from our high school move on to the Georgia Institute of Technology to continue their education. The president of Georgia Tech since 1994, Wayne Clough, will be leaving soon to head the Smithsonian Institution.

I saw that and was disappointed that I don’t go to Georgia Tech for a few more months. The founder of my favorite organization at my school of choice = dream come true for me, too bad I won’t be there.

Ditto. Bummer I wount be there for a couple more months. One of my heros and my school of choice.

but you’ll be there soon enough…

Join the “I went to graduation and all I got was some senator who used non-stop buzzwords” club. It was nice being first in line out on the Georgia Dome floor though, that was pretty intense (class of '05).

My best friend in Atlanta graduated Tech yesterday. Fun times :smiley: