Dean Kamen Visit at Carl Hayden

Earlier today, as part of the Arizona Science and Technology Festival, Dean Kamen visited the Carl Hayden Falcon Robotics Team. I was a privilege to host such a remarkable event. We were one of two presentation give here in the state of AZ. We started off the day with a lobby full of FIRST teams displaying there STEM programs and informing the public about how FIRST has changed their lives. Soon after every one heard Dean talk about the STEM in education and the education in our country. We also had team representatives ask Dean Kamen question, everything from what his dreams where when he was a child to what his favorite FRC game was. It was a great moment for our team and an eye opening moment for the new people on our FRC World Chairman Champion Team. We hope that everyone who attended had a great time.

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But which game was his favorite?

Seriously, this is so cool. Your team is one of the most inspiring in the organization. Good on you all. Good luck this year and in the future.

Thank you so much!

His favorite game was the very first one in NH.