Dean Kamen's D&D Character Sheet

Those of you who are D&D fans will appreciate this. Wired Magazine made D&D character sheets for a few celebrities in honor of the late Gary Gygax. It just so happens that Dean made their list:


Anyone want to play some DND after the webhug? I’m game for that :slight_smile: (I just have to find my dice…)

I think that they should of done a full usable stats page for him, so we could actually play his character

hahahaha. This made me laugh. But on a serious note, I would totally be down for playing some D&D. I haven’t played in forever. His stats aren’t that good for being level 43 IMO.

Kind of funny that he is equiped with a battle chair considering that he is anti-war. Just my thoughts.

I think this one was most appropriate for that April Fool’s thread :smiley:

Can rickroll targets for 5d6 of humiliation damage.

If you clicked on it, go ahead, you can hate me if you want :stuck_out_tongue: ,

omg! my ears!

The only other respectable human being on that list is Stephen Hawking…

and rick astley…

stephen hawking has some interesting theorys. and dean kamen is just too awesome to describe in a post.

Dean Kamen and DND, two hobbies fusing into one! I think that the sheer awesomeness of Dean in a DND game would create one of those earth-shattering rifts in the time-space continuum!