Dean Kamen's..... ROBOTIC ARM?

Found this on

Sounds like Dean, could be his work. What are you’re take on it?

Yep, confirmed. He showed this at the BAE regional during his 30 minute speech. More info here:

Also saw it on digg. I though that he has done it again. Is there anything that Dean can’t eventually do?

I love how anything on digg about Dean Kamen gets taken over by FIRSTers.

Dean Kamen is probly one of the most careing people out thier in the world. He is trying to make a better place for everyone. i think this Robotic arm is very cool.:cool:

Im sure someone has mentioned this before, but I thought it was quite cool.

If you go to Deka’s website

you will see something very familiar on the lower right of the window. What’s even cooler is that it is on most of the Deka pages!

This seems right up Dean’s alley.

This is especially exciting for those of us who watched The Six Million Dollar Man (in it’s original run) in high school…this was all science fiction back then. It’s really neat to see Dean help turn fantasy into reality

I’m thinking this is probably an error in the Neurotech report:

I know Dean’s team is talented, but this kind of result for eighteen dollars and ten cents would be truly miraculous. Hopefully Dean actually got paid a little more than that.

Ah, inflation! With Dean’s part of the contract at $18.1 million, the Six Million Dollar Man was cheap. (Yes, Richard, they left out the word “million” in the second price reference.)

Yeah, that’s funny! back then $6m was an inconcievable amount of money…now (for those who’ve worked on big projects) it’s peanuts.

I saw it at the NYC Regional, well on the downlink for it… and I was amazed at what it could do. Now I know if I ever lose an arm in battle, I have the option of having all the movments back! Thanks to Dean, these young men and women have a second chance. Thank you Dean Kamen :slight_smile:


I just saw a news report on a prodcut sounding similar to this called the i-LIMB. Does anyone know if this is the same product?

It’s not the same arm. i-LIMB is made by Touch Bionics in the UK, which is the world’s first fully articulating and commercially available bionic hand. They have put together some really neat stuff about the hand here:


Update with Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN…

Only part 1 of the video is on, part 2 you have to watch Dr. Gupta’s show or wait till about next week for the update to come out. The best part about it is when he describes what the goverment told him they wanted, in what time frame, weight and what it can and can’t do. Sounds familiar to me…