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**About Dean Of Invention: A New Show Dedicated To The World’s Greatest Scientific Breakthroughs Of Today
Premieres Friday, October 22 at 10/9c

Dean Kamen is a globally renowned inventor with more than 400 patents, including the Segway, the insulin pump and the robotic prosthetic “Luke Arm.” This fall, the inventor will play the role of investigator—leaving his private island to jet around the world in search of the technologies of tomorrow. In the world premiere original series Dean of Invention, Planet Green joins Kamen on his quest to find the next scientific breakthroughs that will improve life for all mankind. Dean of Invention airs in Planet Green’s VERGE primetime block at 10/9c beginning on Friday, October 22.

Dean of Invention follows Kamen and correspondent Joanne Colan as they explore the emerging technologies being developed to tackle the most daunting global challenges of today. In each episode, Kamen and Colan encounter the world’s latest cutting-edge creations by embedding themselves with leading scientists, doctors and inventors. From space-age robotics to artificial intelligence to biological breakthroughs, Dean of Invention reveals the visionary scientific advancements that have the ability to reinvent the future.

Should be sick.

You think so? I think it will be quite enjoyable.

I believe that that was meant as a compliment.

Admittedly, that is not the best word to use as a compliment…

Now, which channel did you say it was on? (And of course, a) is it on in my area and b) can I access said channel?)

You mean like, maybe, it will be bad? :rolleyes:

I believe THIS is what you are looking for. :wink:

I had no problem understanding this. Maybe its a NJ/MORT thing?

I also think it will be a pretty awesome show.


Guess so?

In other words: should be really neat, hella cool for you Cali kids, awesome. Too bad I won’t have the Science Channel in college :frowning:

I wonder if Dean stopped by the guys mentioned in this article. Seems like a very good, simple value-add to his water purifier that would also kill some bacteria (not sure that his does or does not).

Drinking water purifiers pretty much have to remove/kill bacteria by some means to be effective, but Slingshot (Dean’s purifier) isn’t actually a filter system. Rather, it runs on vapor distillation. That means it removes bacteria …and viruses, heavy metals, arsenic, chrome, any chemical waste or human waste… and produce pure, distilled (really) water at a through rate of about 1000L/day. Also creates about a net 1 kW/day with the Stirling. Amazing machine.

Cui’s method may well be cheaper up-front, though. Dean’s is pretty expensive, ~$1500 for Slingshot and ~$3700 for the Stirling, though it runs on literally anything that burns and anything that’s wet. There are a few other really cool ones out there: like Hydra, which is much more expensive and larger but fuel-less and produces almost 76 thousand liters/day along with hydrogen and oxygen. Lots of options on the horizon, thankfully.

Looks like it’ll be a great show! Wonder if I can get the Science Channel in college here some how. (Science in college? whodathunk :rolleyes:)

Nanoparticulate silver is an effective biocide and would generally control bacteria and other biological contaminants. It would generally not control non-biological contamination, such as organic or inorganic chemicals, metals, etc.

The US EPA is currently reviewing the environmental fate and effects of nanoparticles, including silver and carbon nanotubes. The use of carbon nanotubes is prety tightly regulated at this time.

Looks like a really cool show. Hopefully the website runs the episodes so that I can see it in college.

Dean was on the Today show this morning. He talks about this show, as well as FIRST.

Article today in Product Design and Development