Dean on 60 Minutes!!!

Dean Kamen, founder of FIRST, will be on CBS 60 minutes this Sunday. If you didn’t see the DEKA robotic arm work at the 2007 or 2008 competitions, don’t miss this. See below…

This Sunday (April 12) at 7 pm (EDT),
60 Minutes will be airing a story on the ‘DEKA Arm.’

The story is currently scheduled to air first in the hour and will feature Dean, DEKA and their work with DARPA
and the VA with respect to prosthetics.

Here is a little blurb and link to a promo:
(CBS) Sunday, April 12, 2009

THE DEKA ARM-New technology is making it possible for amputees to pick up small, delicate objects they
never thought they would master thanks to the biggest innovation in prosthetic arms since World War II.

That is great news!
This is way more effective than being on ESPN or CNN.
Way to go Dean and FIRST!!!

Awesome news, I will definitely be tuning in.

It’s good to know we are getting the word out. soon… FIRST teams everywhere. =)

Sorry, here is the link…

ah sweet! thanks for the info i’ll try to check it out :slight_smile:

i can’t wait to see this

I did see the video last year, and the current promo on the CBS site is GREAT. I have already programmed my DVR.