Dean on CNN

Dean and are on CNN NOW

I’m watching it. Good program, so far. Dean and are both doing a great job talking about FIRST, how this entire thing got started, etc. Awesome.

No announcement???

If it’s any consolation, the show re-airs at midnight tonight, I believe. Set your DVRs or keep your eyes pried awake for 20 odd minutes.

I watched the re-run! It was great! And mentioned that the guy who wrote the code to put the FIRST logo on his superbowl headpiece graduated from a FIRST program!

Watching it now.

If anyone has a link to a video of this in youtube or another site, please post it.

Found a link off the CNN homepage !

… so this means we weren’t seeing things ! o.0

Yes! Im so happy that actually gets the message of FIRST. Im excited to see the way the TV special works out, especially after watching Soledad O’briens Education in America (and reading The New Cool). It’s great to know that FIRST is actually starting to get out there.

You can find the entire interview here:


this is the interview, another team member couldnt post, so there it is