Dean on Headline News

Dean and Cheesey Poofs’ robot for this year will be on Headline News tonight. They were already on, and he should be on latter tonight around 9:50pm, 10:50pm, etc.

cnn right?

Isn’t that awesome? We’re watching it from our hotel here in the Omni.

CNN headline news, not regular CNN
it used to be CNN2 a long time ago, just surf the channels until you see CNN Headline News on the bottom

Got it on tape :slight_smile:

i have cnn but i still havent seen it!? help :confused:

I just saw an interview with Dean and 365 on CNN, a few minutes ago. It was live from the competition, so I’m not sure if it’ll ever be rerun. I thought it was a pretty good spot.

Psh, CNN can devote airtime to FIRST but NASA can’t? :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw the segment, it was really cool.

Great robot guys! (It was the first time I’d seen it.) It seemed like a good mix of pneumatics and motors. (ha, someone explain the concept to my team)

Considering that CNN had to walk about 100 yards to get footage, I’m surprised there wasn’t more coverage.

I just got home and have seen clips of competition footage on CNN as they talk about other unrelated stuff :rolleyes:

Huge Billboard outside the CNN Center:

Come home Connie…CNN Needs You!
(Brought to you by your friends at Fox News)


NASA carried the broadcast all day on Saturday, with the exception of one hour of a live broadcast from Russia (which was part of an international agreemtent, and not subject to pre-emption). Please check your facts before you post.

on cnn’s NEXT (a program shown every sunday that talks about recent technology and stuff), they talked a little bit about FIRST, and they interviewed some of the teams and kids.

Actually, I saw interviews with at least two or three different teams on friday/saturday. Being stuck in my dorm room studying for finals, and lack of good daytime TV, I had cnn on for a good part of both days. Most of the coverage was pretty good. I remember thinking “that’s not right” a few tiimes, but nothing to drastically wrong.


While I was sitting in the Chicago airport waiting for my flight back to LA, CNN seemed to be carrying FIRST every 15 minutes (or at least the CNN that was on in the airport; it wasn’t Headline News). Now, I should note I was only there about an hour but a good amount of time was devoted to FIRST (I have no idea how good the coverage was as I couldn’t hear the sound from where I was sitting).


Our team just missed getting interviewed by CNN. But just before they wanted to interview us they got (breaking news). They delayed it for 30 minutes. This was right before our next match so we could not do it :rolleyes: :frowning: