Dean’s List Finalist presentation

New this year, at least at regionals, was that last year’s FIRST Dean’s List Finalists (if in attendance) presented the certificates for this year’s FDLA Finalists at the Saturday award ceremony.

At Miami Valley, a student was introduced as one of last year’s winners and it was explained that he was handing out the award certificates for this year’s two FDLA awards. At Midwest, unfortunately, nothing was explained and it seemed confusing. I’ve seen on live stream that some regionals had both of last year’s FDLA recipients on the field and they each handed out one FDLA award certificate.

As this is a judged award, it felt awkward to have a student handing out the award. Many students are interviewed by the judges, but only 2 may be chosen as Finalists. I would feel awful if someone held a grudge against last year’s winner(s) because their peers thought they somehow influenced the judging decision.

At Miami Valley those of us that judged RCA were sought out to distribute the plaque and trophy to the winning team. But the FDLA judges who also spent much time on interviews did not hand out the awards as in years past.

I just wondered how others felt about this change in presenting the FDLA awards. Did you even notice it was different this year?

At the Central Valley Regional in 2015 and 2016, a Dean’s List Winner was present (as a student one year, a referee the other), and presented the award to the two finalists.
That wasn’t the case this year, and I haven’t seen it at many other regionals.
I think to most people it’s usually clear that the previous Dean’s List Finalist/Winner did not judge the award, and had no influence on the selection. But, like you said, at Midwest, the explanation wasn’t quite clear and that could be remedied by a simple notice.
I personally like past winners handing out the award - it makes it a bit more personal and in a way, is like passing on the baton.

I’ve not seen this, yet. At our home regional, all the previous Woodie Flowers finalists are involve in the WF award presentation, though.

What happens if the previous year’s winners and the current winners are the same? awkward

At sbpli this year they asked all of the 2016 Dean’s List Finalists to come down and present the award. There was 5 of us. (2 that won at sbpli the year before, 1 from NYC, and 2 from Utah). They had the 2 SBPLI finalists read the winners and then had the other 3 just stood by them and joined the handshake circle. As one of the people involved I thought it was a nice gesture.

At HVR they presented the dean’s list finalists award just like any other award.