Dean Simmons and the Kamens Brothers appearance


In case this got buried in the Boilermaker Regional thread, I wanted to make sure everyone sees this.

I’m pleased to announce a special performance at the 2005 Boilermaker Regional Team Social event.

Dean Simmons and the Kamen Brothers Band will be rockin’ the house during this event. If you saw or heard them play at the 2004 IRI, you will not want to miss this!

Please visit their website - it’s still under some construction, but if you are attending this event, you can look forward to putting in song requests. This doesn’t guarantee they’ll be played, but this is an opportunity for you to get your favorite songs played live by one of coolest bands around.
They do have a forum in which you can discuss various things, similar to these on CD. There is now a specific area in which you can request songs.
Their homepage is:

So - have at it!

WAHOOOOO! I can’t wait to see “Ozzy” and the band sing once again. I even have gotten my parents to maybe stick around and watch 'em. If it’s anything like last time it will totally be awesome!!!


I can’t wait to see them! They really rocked IRI this year. Maybe they’ll sing ‘Amanda’ by Boston! :slight_smile:

Better see if Al is available for the sound board -
I hear the band is realy picky about who does their mixin’…

Well since you self-appointed youself as the official manager for DSATKB, you are the one responsible for getting everything together. You’d better have got a good set-up because there are lots of fans from all around the world who are looking forward to their first appearence in 9 months!!

Speaking of the IRI … my buddy Slash just told me that they released a recording of their practice session before the IRI. You can pick up the mp3 on the media page of their website:

Somebody Told Me that there may be some new recordings up there soon, too. Shhh.

Killer man, just groovy!!

But if we don’t get enough volunteers, then we can’t have the band play.

(reference: thread in this forum entitled “VOLUNTEERS”). :slight_smile:

Can we have the Dean Simmons and the Kamen Brothers perform for us at Nationals? :slight_smile:

I would love to see them at the Midwest regional.

Logon and request those songs! They plan to play the most requested songs. You can also check our their forums and other updates during the season.

So, I talked to Slash last night for a little bit. He gave me some clues as to what songs they’re playing at the Boilermaker Regional. There are some nice surprises in there; some new songs, some old favorites. Many of them came from the request page on their website, and the band sends their thanks.

He also wanted me to let you guys know that he hasn’t cut his hair since playing at the IRI last summer. He got it cut right before the IRI, so it was a bit short for that show. He sent me this self-portrait via e-mail last night: