Dean with a Beard...YES BELIEVE IT!


Here is one for all you youngin’s out there in the FIRST program…our beloved Dean sporting a rather full beard. Admitedly this is from 20/20 which Aired in 1993…however if I hadn’t been to FIRST Place and see footage of the 1992 competition I never would have known he had a beard…as my first year in the program was 1996. It is an intersting segment to watch it aired April 16, 1993. And profiles the “Rug Rage” season. Which I hear had water-filled balls…yes that’s right, oh and the wait limit…a generous 50 lbs. So with out further adue…


Water game confirmed

Your images seem to not be loading. EDIT Well then, this is the oldest necro I’ve ever participated in, intentional or otherwise. Whoops…

Have another.

I’m all for pictures of Dean with a beard but was the necro really necessary?

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The coverup begins.

and just when i thought summer cd was coming to an end

Probably because the OP is from 2001.

In this case it came to an end 16 years ago. This thread is literally older than half of FRC students this year

Holy… didn’t even realize that.

This thread is older than me… why did someone respond to it today?

Now I feel old…


Yep, Dean had quite a beard going, back in the day.

He used to carry an axe, too – just in case some rails needed splitting, or to dispatch the odd vampire. No, wait… that was Lincoln. :o

Anyway, Dean’s shirts have not changed much.

Someone just won best necromancer :rolleyes:

I actually didn’t realize that going to the oldest thread I could find for no particular reason would revive it.

Nor did I realize I would end up with a negative reputation.

I think it’s hilarious.

Going to an old thread doesn’t revive it. Posting on an old thread does.

You know what I meant.

Well, just in case you ever wanted to see some video of the era, here’s some nice shots courtesy of Xerox and what is now team 191 the X-CATS but what was then known as Xerox Corporation & Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School

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Often imitated, never equaled. This is the gold standard of Chairman’s videos.