Hello chief, I’m looking for the best chance to finding dean to get a Tshirt signed, what is the best way for that to happen?


The key is using the correct bait for Dean.

I’ve found that he is attracted by the smell of fruit, nuts, and honey.

If you have some fresh fish on hand too that works fantastic to draw him out.


I got it, twice!

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i think i saw him on the field once


I got to meet him this year waiting for Einstein to start. It seems following 1678 works as they 1) led me to him 2) are likely to be easy to spot due to the limes and cute dog, and finally 3) will be on Einstein every year til the end of time.


i’ve heard that he is attracted by tables that he can smack while lecturing


Tables :arrow_backward: :fist_left:


Omg! That’s me lol. I Work for FIRST Nevada, I was tasked to help Dean get around when he wanted to walk in the pits, and right before he went back to his suite to decompress and prep for his next meeting, I asked for a picture. No matter what, be respectful and don’t invade his privacy. I would say the best way is challenging, but It would guarantee you getting the shirt signed, he goes in all the pits, FLL, FTC, and FRC. FRC pits are crazy and almost impossible unless you are the first to catch him, but in FTC and especially FLL not many students know who it is. So you can quickly ask for a signature. You possibly also could catch him after the Dean’s List award ceremony. I just saw this but maybe this can help for someone next champs?

TLDR: If you want something signed catch him where most FRC kids aren’t at and be respectful!