Dean's Holiday Wish List

Saw This Today…

I hope Dean gets everything on the list… (multiplied by the number of teams in FIRST.)

Dean’s Holiday Wish List

Actual retail price of this showcase…$6406.04 - $7467.97

Did Dean get a new publicist or something? It’s great to see him all over the place.

Dean needs two separate laptops? :stuck_out_tongue: . Interesting not to see a Segway on there either.

So what’s next? Dean Kamen’s iMix on iTunes?

All he needed up there was the MacBook Pro 2, since it can dual boot. Also nice to see iWork get a nod on the page.

I was very happy to note how he is asking for these things for every FIRST team… not himself.

Dean’s *always * thinking of other people. It’s what makes him so awesome :slight_smile: