Deans Home work success

First things first. I am sorry if their is a thread already devoted to this, but i looked and could not find one.

Team 1902 has recently been sending out a letter to every major representative in the state of Florida. Today we got a response from one of those peoples secrateires asking us for the time and place of the Florida Regional.

Have any other teams had success with contacting people?

Would you mind posting your letter and then the response.

The FIRST site has a forums section for sent letters and responses

Dean Kamen said that they would post the best ones on the FIRST site but I don’t know where or when that will happen.

Keep up the good work!

1618 has sent letters to the Governor, Lt. Governor, senators and representatives on the state and federal level, and some of the big school district personnel. We haven’t gotten any responses as of yesterday, but you can find our letter here

Team 1712 has had success. This upcoming Monday, a local representative for Pennsylvania Congressmen Jim Gerlach , will be visiting our team to learn about the FIRST experience. We hope that they see the great opportunities the program brings and help us spread it throughout the state.

Heres one of the letters sent to all state reps and school board members;

One person can change the world; one person can inspire the world to change itself. Dean Kamen, the founder of FIRST, is challenging people from around that world to become that one person.

FIRST is a not-for-profit, educational organization that was founded to inspire and excite young people about science and technology by bringing professional mentors and students together for international robotic competitions. Each January, a new challenge is unveiled. Six weeks later, after dreaming, designing, constructing and testing a 120-pound robot, the team says its good byes to its robot before shipping it off to their first competition.

FIRST has a life-changing impact for students. As a dedicated student member of FIRST, I know that every student participating in the program walks away with immense amounts of knowledge that will serve him or her for his or her entire life. I have learned about cooperation, compromise, organization, and self-confidence. This program is creating and nurturing our future engineers, architects, mathematicians, and inventors.

I am part of Team 1902, Exploding Bacon, located in Orlando, Florida. Our team members come from: Winter Park High School, Lake Brantley High, University High, Glenridge Middle School, and Lake Highland Preparatory School. Our primary sponsor is Siemens. University of Central Florida provides a majority of our mentors. Last year was our rookie season – in just seven weeks we were able to form and register our team; then design and build our robot using a drill press and basic tools in a collegiate mentor’s garage. We competed at the Florida Regional Competition at the UCF and won the Rookie All-Star Award. At the Lonestar Regional in Houston, Texas, our team made it to the semi-finals and won several awards including: Rookie Inspiration, BP Gracious Professionalism and Highest Rookie Seed. At the Championship Event in Atlanta, our team paired with two others to become division finalists, almost unheard of for a rookie team.

This year our team has expanded even more, and not only are we participation in the FIRST Robotics Competition, but we have started a FIRST VEX Team. Exploding Bacon members have also started two FIRST LEGO League teams at Glenridge Middle School: The Nano Nerds and Bacon Bits. We are reaching out to our community with monthly science demonstrations at Cheney Elementary School, a school where 75% of the students are in the free-and-reduced meal program.

We would like to invite you to attend the Florida Regional Competition at University of Central Florida, March 8-10th as a guest of Team 1902 Exploding Bacon. We look forward to introducing you to our team, showing you around the pits, giving you an Exploding Bacon T-shirt and teaching you our team cheer: OINK OINK BOOM. I hope you can see for yourself what an inspiring program this is and how it will directly benefit our students and our state. For more information about our team and our program please visit


Catherine Coleman
Student President
Team 1902

Heres the response from Ms. Cadle a school board rep.

Good afternoon,

I am writing in regards to the invitation Mrs. Cadle received for the Robotics event taking place on March 8-10. Mrs. Cadle would like to attend; can you please forward me the time it will be begin & confirm the location.

Thank you,

One of my favorite lines ever is from the movie, Babe -
‘that’ll do pig’ -

I think that just about sums this up 1902.
Good work, good letter.

Got this email from Senator Constantines office today:

Hey, we got your letter about the robotics competition at UCF March 8-10. Is there an agenda or program that lists the times of the event? I’d love to put this in the Senator’s Calendar, but I need times for the event.


Sarah Hardy

Legislative Assistant to

Senator Lee Constantine

407-331-9675 phone

407-262-7580 fax

[email protected]

I’m so excited…this is so much fun!!!

We heard from the 2nd School board representative and she and her husband are coming to the Fla. Regional on Sat. morning.


Wow! Who knew “OINK OINK BOOM” was the magic words to get legislators to come to events? We should add it to all of the letters.

We got one of our senetors coming in for our meeting tomarrow! we are gonna go through a nice GP schpeal and such. and we are trying to keep a focus on the people and principles that FIRST is all about…but if he brings up the competition, our trophys, and banners…it never hurts when ur talking to the director or something of the sports and rec of your state :smiley:

Very true and along with the principles and the people…
FRC can be marketed as sports with teams consisting of students and professionals working together and competing together in a unique and exciting way.