Dean's Homework 4/14

Dean’s Homework at Championship centered on finding, documenting, and mobilizing FIRST alumni. I have a few points of discussion I’d like to start here.

  1. What organizations currently exist to connect FIRST alumni? I know of Purdue FIRST Programs and MNGOFIRST at the collegiate level. What other collegiate, regional, virtual, or team-based groups do you know?

  2. What can FIRST do, globally, regionally, or locally, to support FIRST alumni - in academics, careers, or socializing?

  3. How can FIRST reach all alumni - including those who didn’t graduate from the FRC program?

  4. What can recent HS grads do to promote the FIRST programs while being mindful of their other important endeavors (like attending university)?

We have setup a Facebook group in Texas for alumni & mentors. Last fall we setup a couple social events to help bring people together.

We will add a few more Texas events this summer.

The homework specifically involved signing up at - the alumni website (re)designed two summers ago. Finally uniting the alumni connection effort instead of only keeping them regional. The idea is to have this page as a jumping off point to be able to connect with your local chapter. (During his speech, that was the ‘they should put the url up on the screen now’ that never happened.)

As to your other questions - I’ll get to those later. :slight_smile: Just wanted to get that note in there.