Dean's Homework

So we were watching the Kickoff video, but somehow the part where Dean talked about his homework kind of slipped our minds. We think he said something about using the word “FIRST” and tracking alumni, but we’re not entirely sure. So, not to sound like idiots, but can someone tell us exactly what Dean’s Homework is?

You’re supposed to say “FIRST team xxxx.” But that creates the confusing circumstance of there possibly being 4 such teams (if I say I’m on FIRST team 25, that doesn’t tell you if I mean JFLL, FLL, FTC, or FRC team 25).

Nominate team members for the Dean’s list. He mentioned juniors specifically. I think he’s mostly serious about keeping track of FIRST’s alumni, too.

I gathered it as him trying to ‘brand’ the name FIRST. Where FIRST can become a household name. Kind of how Ipod now means any portable music player.

If you say to someone you do or mentor ‘FIRST’ many people have no idea what it is. If you say, a robot project, they think Robot Wars. He want’s FIRST to be a known name.

The other part of it is, how many FIRST Alumni stay in contact with one another. Either it gets forgotten, or people don’t think about it. But, if you were part of a Fraternity or Sororities, You may stay in contact with that Fraternity or Sonority or them with you.

IMHO that’s the homework.