Dean's House?

There was no mention this year of regional Chairman’s winners going to Dean’s house. I was hoping that last year was the start of a tradition, but I’m guessing that the silence means no.

Anybody know for sure?


I was wondering the same thing, although I don’t have any idea myself. I hope that tradition still lives! I really wanna see his house!

I’m almost 99% sure that 5 team members get to travel to Dean’s house.

[edit] pored over the awards documents and saw nothing, but something still says the winners get to go [/edit]

I haven’t heard about that, but just before kickoff, there was a big party at his house. A couple mentors from our team went up and they had a blast.

i really hope that the trip stays a tradition. besides the trip to dean’s house…there was a forum type of discussion about the importance of the Chairman’s Award and how to keep it prestigious…plus you get to meet really cool people. we sat at a table in a restaurant one night for like two hours talking to leaders from 47 and 71 and A.Baker and 330. it was a lot of fun.

That happens every year and is referred to as the Founder’s Party. It is, however, strictly for mentors immediately before kickoff.


…and Kickoff volunteers (when they ask really nicely :smiley: )

Ask? I snuck in. :wink:


Last year they didn’t announce that all regional chairman teams were invited to come until opening ceromonies of the National Competition, so don’t give up hope yet.

I havnt heard any news of it yet, but there’s still a chance. But sadly, we didnt win chairmans at VCU(sniffle…sniffle…), although we did come close…
Oh well…

Yeah, last year we didn’t hear about this trip until very late in the season (well after we won the award) … I will tell you though … his house is awesome. (he never replied to the note we left him on his desk …)

I’ve heard alot of stuff about deans “island fortress” over the years. what kind of cool stuff does he have there? a segway racetrack mayby?

I’ve never personally been to his house but I did see photos of it somewhere and the one thing I’d never forget is a real, full size, fully restored steam engine in his house. It isn’t the train locomotive type but the ones with the large flywheel that they used to use in factories and such to power the machinery. I also don’t know how true it is but someone told me that Dean purchased surplus military equipment and assembled his own one person navy.

Yes, this is in his house, and it is integrated into the front entrance as a hallway. You can walk through it, over it, under it, around it, etc … it was impressive.