Dean's list and sophomores


I’m a lead mentor of a team (using a throwaway account so my team doesn’t see). We have a dynamite sophomore on our team that is solid Dean’s List material. However, we don’t want the fact that he’s a sophomore to ruin his chances. I’ve searched everywhere, but haven’t gotten a clear answer. So my question is…

Can a sophomore that is nominated as a Dean’s list semi-finalist be re-nominated as a junior? We anticipate wanting to nominate him next year if we don’t this year.

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I believe a student can both be nominated and win in multiple years

Yes they can, you can nominate 2 years in a row. I believe we did this on 115 once during my time there, but I’m not certain.

Students previously selected as FIRST Dean’s List Semi-finalists or Finalists in a prior year are eligible for nomination again this year provided they meet all of the criteria.

The last line of the paragraph under “Submissions”.

Ah - you’re a better searcher than I. Thank you so much!

No searching needed, I just knew where to look after reading that page every year for the past 5 years or so - it hasn’t changed much!

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And just for the record, they definitely can be finalists both years: