Dean's List at championships

A couple of friends have started asking me questions about the Dean’s List system at championships, and how it may differ from that of the regional/district level, and I was unsure how to answer their questions. If someone here can shed some light on the details of Dean’s List activities as well as how judging will work in St. Louis, it would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not sure if this helps, but my coach forwarded me this email:

Dean’s List Finalists: Congratulations to those selected as Dean’s List Finalists at the regionals and upcoming District Championships! If you are a Dean’s List Finalist, please send an email to advising if you will be attending the Championship in St. Louis and if so, will you be with or without your team. You will be sent instructions as to what happens next in your quest to become a Dean’s List Winner.

I sent my email in a couple of days ago but haven’t gotten anything back yet.

Also, the manual has only a little blurb about the Championship process:
“All FIRST Dean’s List Finalists will be considered for the FIRST Dean’s List at the FIRST Championship using the essays provided and any interview feedback available. Finalist candidates need not be present at the FIRST Championship in order to be considered. Ten (10) Students will be selected as the FIRST Dean’s List Award Winners for the 2014 FRC season.”