Dean's List at CMP

Hey teams,

I have been nominated by the Greater Pittsburgh Regional as one of their 2017 Dean’s List Finalist along with Julia C. from 291 (congrats!) , and am looking forward to experiencing championships, a dream of mine, first hand. I have very little knowledge of the Dean’s List at CMP, and I want to know more about the process and events Finalists go through. How are we judged? Are there still no interviews? How does one win the Dean’s List award? Any help or input on these questions would be greatly appreciated!!!

Congratulations on being recognized for all your efforts!

My knowledge is from mentoring Finalists the last two years (and a third this year).

There are no more interviews. At Houston, anyway, the winners will be announced at the Dean’s List banquet (last year it was announced at opening ceremonies) which is on Friday. You are allowed to take one person with you to the dinner. You should receive info from FIRST about this in the next few days.

If you have the opportunity to volunteer (if not with a team) it is a good use of your time. Its a great opportunity to network, and there seems to be unlimited free food. :slight_smile:

Dean’s Mom apparently reads all the submissions (at least that’s what Dean said at last year’s dinner) although it is not obvious if she actually helps make the selections. My understanding is that the nomination letter from your team plus the notes from your judges get passed along to the judging panel who makes the picks, but I don’t have any special insider knowledge about how that works.

After the submission of the nominating essay by your team and your interview at a regional/district level, there isn’t another opportunity to present yourself to the judges. The DL Award is judged via a combination of the essay and interview( you would have seen your interviewer taking notes).

There isn’t anything that you can really do to improve your chance of winning the award, you should instead focus on what you can get out of the opportunity you have been given. Attending the CMP event is a good opportunity to meet like minded individuals, and if your team hasn’t qualified you should consider volunteering as a Student Ambassador(I found it a really good experience).

Apart from that just check your emails regularly.

Congrats to you too!!! I am also looking forward to going to champs! See you in Saint Louis. :smiley:

Congrats! From my experiences last year as a Dean’s List Finalist I found going to the championships well worth it. I traveled myself and had to pay for everything as my team did not qualify but I would do it again without hesitation. One of the biggest lessons I learned was about how each finalist seems to have a completely different method for leading and motivating their respective teams. I gained so much from the other finalist and I highly suggest getting to know some of them. I have incorporated some of their knowledge into my own leadership habits this year and am excited to see them at upcoming event. Overall, I suggest networking with as many other finalist as possible and make sure you get something from the opportunity at hand. Congrats again!:smiley:

Congratulations & welcome to the Dean’s List family!!

I want to re-emphasize what was said above about reading & replying to your emails! This is the main form of communication prior to and during Championships for Dean’s List Finalists & Winners.

Many Dean’s List Finalists attend the Championship each year without their teams, and it can still be a really meaningful & fun experience. You get to meet tons of awesome current & former Dean’s List Finalists & Winners, and lots of FIRST VIP’s.

In terms of judging for the Dean’s List at the Championship, pilleya really hit the nail on the head. There is a panel of judges, including Mrs. Kamen, and a few others at FIRST Headquarters. They read all of the essays and judge feedback in order to narrow down to 10 FRC & 10 FTC Winners. The important thing to remember, though, is that being a Dean’s List Finalist is really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to network & collaborate with others! Try to really have a good time, talk with others, and really enjoy the experience.

Thanks to everyone for the great advice! Does anyone know when they send the initial email out regarding Dean’s List?

When I was a finalist in 2015, I got it two or so weeks before Champs. (I’m not sure if this is because that is when they send it out or because I won at the Michigan State Championship, which is one of the last events before Champs.)

I belive the initial email is usually sent out within a week or two of the event where you are named a finalist. They need to know as soon as possible if you plan to attend, need help making travel accommodations, if you want to be a student ambassador, etc.

Also make sure to check you email during Championships, since they sometimes send out additional information durning the event.

Seeing as I felt the same way last year, I thought I would share some advice. Last year, I received the email about a week after I won at the IN state championship. At the time that I won, I knew that my team would not be attending, so my parents and I had already been looking at hotels. We all had to register in the system so we would have badges when we arrived. I also picked up my special Dean’s List ribbon for my badge. The ribbon was your entry to the Dome floor for opening ceremonies and the lunch. I did not volunteer as a student ambassador because I was only staying one night in St. Louis but a bunch of Dean’s List Finalists did and they had a great time. On Thursday night, all the Dean’s List Finalists got to be on the Dome floor for opening ceremonies where they announced the winners in groups of five, alternating between FRC and FTC, after some speeches. A very important thing to note is they have already decided the winners before championship, so there is no reason to be nervous at champs. I don’t believe that Dean’s mom is a judge even though she reads the nominations. They told us who the judges were in the summer, but I didn’t know any of them and I don’t think that they worked at FIRST HQ. I believe they were FIRST supporters who worked for other companies, but I’m not entirely sure.
On Friday, there was the Dean’s List lunch where you get to bring 1 adult. There were some speeches and some of the former winners were in attendance (I’ll see you there!). After the lunch, you go to a conference room to pick up your goodie bag.
Fair warning, this is how it worked in St. Louis last year. I do not know if it will be the same this year. I don’t even know how many Dean’s List winners there will be. Also, there is a Facebook group for all of the Finalists to get to know each other. If you want to be added to the group, PM me and I can get you added. Be ready to make many new friends! Just wait for the email, there are also photo and name releases that they ask you to sign.

I am very disappointed in hearing this. Dean’s List is a huge honor. It was hard enough when it was in a separate ceremony that not everyone had the time to attend. That they are moving it to a private dinner (lunch?) that the entire team of the nominee is not allowed to attend is upsetting to me.

Dean’s List should be celebrated at the highest stage not in a closed off private banquet hall. We would not do this to our Chairman’s nor Woodie Flowers’ Winners so should not do it to our Dean’s List Winners.

Congrats on the Dean’s List Finalist Award!

To answer your questions, there are no more interviews, and the submissions are strictly judged from the essay and the feedback that the judges who selected you had written. You’ll receive an e-mail fairly soon, inviting you to register for the Championship, Housing, and Dean’s List Luncheon. After that, you’re pretty much good to go!

From the experiences I had at the championship last year, there’s definitely a few things I’d recommend.

  1. Go to Champs!!!
    Although it may seem weird to be there without your team at first, it’s definitely a life-changing experience to see so many people all coming together for something that they’re passionate about. Be sure to get around too, check out the Innovation Faire, Scholarship Row, the Pits, etc.

  2. Join the Facebook group!
    I was a part of the 2016 Dean’s List Finalist group on Facebook last year, and it was definitely a great networking opportunity and a great way to connect with other Dean’s List Finalists before and during champs.

  3. Serve as a student ambassador!
    Although I wasn’t able to do this last year due to sickness, I’d still highly recommend it! Not only do you get to tour VIPs around the Championship, but you also have the opportunity to go to the VIP Lounge, which (from what I’ve heard) in St. Louis, is the best spot in the place to be.

  4. Have fun!
    You are being recognized for being an amazing student leader in FIRST, so be sure to enjoy the experience! Take pictures, spend time with friends, & bring your family if possible!

Once again, congratulations on being recognized for your outstanding leadership in FIRST!

Does anyone have experience dealing with them for travel as a Dean’s List Finalist? I won at Idaho two days ago and am thinking about booking travel now unless FIRST has a better option.

FYI the link to this year’s Dean List Finalist Facebook group is:

or search for “Deans List Finalists 2017”

Hope to see a lot of you on there!

I looked at housing through FIRST but the only available hotels were all really expensive so my family just booked a hotel outside of STL. Keep in mind though that we only live 4 hours from STL so we just drove there. If you are going alone and don’t mind spending the money, I highly recommend staying in one of the hotels very near the venue so you don’t have to figure out transportation while you are there. I don’t know if FIRST does flights though.

Will there only be 10 Dean’s List winners for FRC as a whole, or 10 at each champs?

Looking at the Resource Library on the FIRST website, I expect there will be 10 FIRST Dean’s List Award winners for FRC in total. Below quote from Resource Library also explains the original question about interviewing (none at Champs). Last year I helped at the FDLA banquet and distributed prizes following the event. I would definitely recommend all Finalists attend. But your prizes will be shipped to you if, for some reason, you are unable to attend.

*"At the FIRST Championship all FIRST Robotics Competition and FIRST Tech Challenge FIRST Dean’s List Finalists will be considered for the FIRST Robotics Competition and FIRST Tech Challenge FIRST Dean’s List Award as applicable. No interviews will take place at FIRST Championship. Judges will use the essays provided and any available interview feedback. Finalists need not be present at the FIRST Championship in order to be considered. Ten (10) FIRST Robotics Competition students will be selected as FIRST Robotics Competition Dean’s List Award winners and ten (10) FIRST Tech Challenge students will be selected as FIRST Tech Challenge Dean’s List Award winners for the 2017 season.

The ten 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition FIRST Dean’s List Award winners and ten 2017 FIRST Tech Challenge FIRST Dean’s List Award winners will each receive the following:

A unique trophy and public recognition at FIRST Championship
A written recommendation from FIRST leadership to the college(s) or employers of their choice
A credit towards the winning student’s team’s next season registration fee. The credit will be applied to the team from which the student was originally nominated for the award.
A commemorative plaque for the student’s school
An invitation for them and a chaperone to attend an expense paid FIRST Dean’s List Award Summit at FIRST headquarters in Manchester, NH; and
An opportunity to work with all members of the FIRST Dean’s list and FIRST leaders to advance the Alumni mission of FIRST.*

I’m going to bump this as I am curious as well.

Congrats to all of the winners thus far this year!

I did a bit of digging and found this at

It’s under “Dean’s List” -> “FIRST Robotics Comptetion Judging.”

“Ten (10) FIRST Robotics Competition students will be selected as FIRST Robotics Competition Dean’s List Award winners and ten (10) FIRST Tech Challenge students will be selected as FIRST Tech Challenge Dean’s List Award winners for the 2017 season.”

So 10 in FRC and 10 in FTC across both Championships.

Also, nowhere does it say (as far as I can tell) that there will be an even split. So there could be 5 at Houston and 5 at St. Louis or it could be 8 and 2, etc.