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I am currently in the process of practicing for my district champs deans list interview, I am curious as to if there is a document somewhere of commonly asked questions for the interviews… does anybody know of any?

Regardless, I will be compiling a document to share with everybody if/when I receive enough responses to this google forms, so feel free to respond to it.

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Here are the questions our mentor in the room with one of our Dean’s List candidates wrote down. They may be paraphrased, and may differ from the types of questions that could be asked at a different level. I’ve omitted any questions specific to our candidate’s entry.

  1. “How did you start in FIRST?”
  2. “What’s your current position on your team?”
  3. “What are your duties?”
  4. “Can you give specific examples of how you helped set up your team for further success?”
  5. “What do you personally get out of FIRST?”
  6. “What would [your team] be like without you?”
  7. “What are your plans after High School?”
  8. “This is your ‘mic drop’ moment - what do you say?”
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These are the questions our nominee was asked at their DCMP interview this season:

  1. Would you tell us something about yourself that isn’t in the essay?
  2. This past year, what is one example of how you have spread FIRST?
  3. If there was one place that you could bring FIRST robotics to, where would it be and why? Are there any places around you that don’t have an FLL team?
  4. You have talked about making sure that there is sustainability for FLL. How about on your team now? What have you done to make sure that there is sustainability in your FRC team?
  5. You are a junior? What are your plans for after high school?
  6. Is there anything you want to ask us?
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My favorite resource is the compass alliance’s/125’s list of tips and possible questions:

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As a Dean’s List Award Finalist in our region, l’d like to share my experience at the interview. Before the interview, l have searched the CD for some resources. Below are three papers l have found in CD.(You can also search for Dean’s List interview in CD yourself)

Dean’s list sample questions_origin.docx (16.8 KB)
Dean‘s list preparations 2_origin.docx (20.6 KB)
Dean’s List preparations_origin.docx (17.8 KB)
Fortunately , the questions that the interviewer asked me were all in my preparation. So, l hope these files can help you prepare your interview.

The last thing l want to say is that : there is no need to be nervous! Just take it as a conversation between you and your interviewer. You just need to show you talent in First!

Good luck ! :blush:

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Not my resource but something @Joy4201 compiled that might be of help :slight_smile: FIRST Dean's List Interview Preparation - Google Docs


Thank you for sharing it for me!

If you have any questions about the advice or how to answer the questions, please reach out. I also do practice interviews if given enough warning to schedule.


At the risk of stating the obvious, there is a list of sample questions at the bottom of page 13 of Dean’s List Award Guide.

Here are the ones my daughter was asked this year (a couple are specific to things in the essay, but most were pretty general):
(1) Did you prepare something or did you just want questions?
(2) What was entailed with prototyping camp?
(3) How do you plan to continue with FIRST after graduation?
(4) What do you think is your most significant contribution to your team?
(5) FIRST has a set of Core Values, what is your favorite and why?
(6) How do you think FIRST has helped you grow personally?
(7) Give an example of how you have showed leadership for your team.
(8) In your essay it talks about a blog - how did you bring team spirit and humor into that?
(9) I see that you also mentor FLL, that’s a lot of FIRST, what activities do you do outside of FIRST?
(10) What haven’t we asked that you want us to know?

They mainly ask about things mentioned in the essay. What they are looking for is pretty straightforward: Are you a good herald for FIRST, and will you continue to proselytize FIRST after graduating?

If you answer the questions to specifically target this criteria, you will do well.

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