Dean's List confusion

Our team competes in the district model… and nominated two students for the Dean’s List award. Both of the students interviewed during week 1 and one of the students is advancing to interview again at District Championship. Both received semi-finalist buttons to wear prior to judging. Are both still considered semi-finalist or is one a finalist? Will the one student that did not get selected have the chance to interview again? My understanding is that if we were a regional team our one student would have already qualified to go to Worlds…

They are both still called semifinalists. The model was originally designed to mostly work with regional events, but districts have to instead have smaller groups interviewed at each district event and use the championship as their “regional” to select their finalists.



To answer your second question, the student not selected will not be interviewed again.


This is one of the areas where districts are messy.

Dean’s List winners are named at the championship(s) from the pool of finalists.

Dean’s List finalists are named at regionals and district championships from the students eligible there.

District championships determine their finalists from the students deemed to have won at district events.

Regionals determine their finalists from the students nominated from the teams.

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Thanks, that’s what I was thinking. Just confused since they are both still considered semi-finalist.

When a student is nominated by his or her team, that’s when that student becomes a Semifinalist.

I don’t know if this is the official term, but I’ve heard students selected for interviews at dcmp be referred to as “district championship semifinalists”

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A different question on the same topic that I had: how are the “district championship semifinalists”, or whatever you want to call the people who advance from a district event, announced? I have seen multiple award ceremonies, and haven’t seen these mentioned. Did they just make a mistake?

They are generally announced around the same time the other culture awards (chairman’s/EI) are announced.

That is an official term.

When the team submits the student, they become a Dean’s List Semifinalist.
District only: if they are selected at their event as a shortlist candidate for the district championships, they become a Dean’s List Award District Championship Semifinalist
If they win at District Champs or a regional, they become a Dean’s List Finalist.
If they win at Worlds, they become a Dean’s List Winner.

In my experience at regionals, the Dean’s List Finalist award is usually done between EI and Chairman’s. I have no clue what the award sequence is at a District event.

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Ours were announced just before EI and Chairman’s

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