Dean's List FiM

Hello CD!

My team is newer to the concept of the award process for Michigan when it comes down to the Dean’s List Award and the Woodie Flowers Award. We had both of the awards reviewed and interviewed at our regionals we attended, so what happens next? From my understanding, the nominees will be judged all together at the Michigan Championship this coming week and the Finalists will be selected correct? At the point of this happening will be email by FiM? I would assume so, but just want to clarify with others that have gone through this more than us.

Thanks for the help!

Last year all of the dean’s list judging was based on the essays and done before states started, the email came later on 4/15/13, the Monday afterwards. I don’t know anything about the WFA process. Good Luck!

Ok, thanks! I figure that the interview must have to come into play somewhere, maybe the judges at the regionals rank the nominees? idk, but thats what I was thinking. Thanks for the knowledge!