Deans list Finalist where to volunteer at champs

Hello everyone,

I became a Dean’s List Finalist at NYC this past weekend and decided to personally go to World’s. What I am wondering is where should I volunteer?

You’re probably going to want a role that allows you to work in shifts so that you can go to your Dean’s List interview. Since you’re a student (and I’m assuming you haven’t volunteered much at FRC events before), I might suggest signing up as field reset. That way you’ll get to watch a lot of matches too.

There isn’t an interview at Champs for Dean’s list.

I would also suggest something field side like field reset. Field reset is a lot of hard work but you get to watch the action unlike most positions.

I was in the same situation as you last year. I volunteered in shifts to be a student ambassador. Student Ambassadors give tours to groups and VIPs. I mostly gave tours to school groups. I got to meet a lot of new people from other teams and go watch matches from floor of the arena with the tour groups. This also leaves you a lot of time to see everything else that you want at the competition. I would recommend going to the MIT presentation and seeing the City museum while in Saint Louis!

I would second the suggestion of being a student ambassador. Dean’s List finalists are perfect for that role.

Another good place would be the registration desk as you get to be the first person someone coming to the competition interacts with.

I was in this situation last year but I was also with my team. I would recommend doing field reset or something of that nature. You get to be down on the floor and right up next to the action so its a lot of fun. They are totally understanding if you have to take breaks for deans list things so you should be fine. Good luck man!

As a Field Supervisor at Championship I have had a good number of students that are Dean’s List Finalist on my field. It is a great way to see the action up close and personal and there is a chance to get to go to Einstein.* Another good role is Student Ambassador which will give you a whole different “behind the scenes” view of FIRST. Regardless of what position you apply and are selected for, all of the Supervisors/Volunteer Coordinators will be super accommodating of you going to Dean’s List commitments (or any reason really).

*At Championship all of the fields are in a competition to be the field staff that staffs Einstein. There is a 25% chance of your field getting selected, and based on the year they bring most, if not all of field reset with them to Einstein.

Fixed that for you Jessi :slight_smile:

But last year, 2 of the 8 fields were selected so it was still 1/4 so still 25% :slight_smile:

I think the big question a lot of people are missing is… where do you think you could do the most good? I’ve seen Dean’s List Finalists in all of the positions already listed, and more (like Inspection Manager). What are your strengths and weaknesses? Do you want a position that is physically difficult, like field reset? one that requires a lot of walking and talking? One that lets you sit in one place most of the day? Volunteering at the event, especially when your team isn’t there, is a great way to spend your time, help make it successful, and meet new and interesting people. Wherever you volunteer, let whichever key volunteer is in charge of that area know your expected schedule for Dean’s List stuff so they can properly plan for you not to be there!

I signed up with ambassador as my first choice and field reset as my second. Figured I’d like being an ambassador better since I enjoy talking and meeting people.

Just wondering what are these “dean’s list things” you are all talking about?

They have changed over the years but in years past the Dean’s List ceremony happened during lunch one of the days so the student would have to leave early to get there. Now I believe that they do a Dean’s List meet and greet but I do not know when that is done.

Last year for volunteers they had a ribbon for Dean’s List Finalist, now that they have the buttons I do not know if they will be doing that again, but keep an eye out for that.

You got me :slight_smile:

In 2010-2014, there was separate ceremony in the middle of on the day Friday to announce the winners.

In 2015, the Dean’s List ceremony was moved to the opening ceremonies Thursday(?) Evening, so everyone could take part. Dean’s List Finalists for FTC and FRC sat on the arena floor, and the Winners were announced. There was also a lunch on Friday for the Dean’s List Finalists in attendance at the Championship - meant as a meet & greet/another special event for them.

I would guess that 2016 will be the same as last year but I have zero confirmed information on that. You’ll get emails before the Championship, likely once all the Finalists have been named.

We had a Dean’s List finalist last year and have another one this year, and I can confirm that it’s the same schedule as last year. She received her invitation and info last week, which was a few weeks after she was selected. I guess it takes time to get your name in the system, but FIRST should send the details soon.

I got the emails along with the email confirming that my corrected certificate was sent (Samuel Parkowsky) was the real dean’s list finalist.