Deans List Interview

I know that all deans list students get interviewed, does anyone know what kind of questions they will ask or if I should bring anything like recommendation letters or pictures.

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Since phone interviews are an option, I’m going to assume you won’t need your recommendations and pictures.

If I were judging (and I’m not), I’d be asking questions to find out how you match up with the award criteria:

· demonstrated leadership and commitment to the ideals of FIRST;
· interest in and passion for a long term commitment to FIRST and its ideals;
· overall individual contribution to their team;
· technical expertise and passion;
· entrepreneurship and creativity;
· ability to motivate and lead fellow team members; and
· effectiveness at increasing awareness of FIRST in their school and community

Here are a couple of questions I came up with off the top of my head:

  • How do you help keep your team motivated when things aren’t going well?
  • How do you try to increase awareness of FIRST?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to come up with a creative solution to a problem.
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I would love to hear from students who were interviewed last week.
What questions did the judges ask you?
Did you receive a feedback form after the interview like they do for CA?

How much emphasis is placed on STEM things that you do outside of FIRST?

Study the essay that was submitted. Start with that. If you were nominated buy your mentors you are already a winner in the eyes of your team. The rest if you win is gravy on the potatoes so to speak. You might not be the best in the eyes of strangers but you are the best amongst the people that know you. That’s a very good thing. Hold your head high.

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I agree.
I think we’re really hoping for some more information here though. :slight_smile:

Anytime there’s a procedure at FIRST events, it’s nice when people from weeks 1 and 2 competitions an share their experiences.
A few specific questions that I have:**
1. Did students sign up for a time-slot the way you do with Chairman’s Award interviews?
2. How many judges were in the interview room?
**3. **Was feedback about the essays/interviews given in anyway?

I belive there are at least two judges in the interview

By saying “believe” does this mean you have experience from someone who went through the process, or that you have access to information from an event about judges assigned to roles?

I have access to information that two judges are assigned as ‘Dean’s List Judges’.

I don’t know about other areas, but in NE they’re using online scheduling for DL.

Hey, I’m one of the students that was interviewed for Dean’s List recently. To answer some questions, the interview was five minutes long, there were three judges when I went, I signed up exactly like Chairmans, and you get a feedback sheet, but it isn’t very detailed. At all.

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What kinds of questions did they ask?

I didn’t actually get to answer a lot of questions since of the short time limit. From what I remember, most of the questions were focused on what you do on the team. They asked me what my jobs were how I helped improve the team, etc.

I was interviewed just recently

  1. Yes, the interviews were on Friday. Much like chairman’s.
  2. Two
  3. There may have been feedback, I haven’t seen it yet if there was some.

As for questions they used your submission as a guide. It was pretty generic and they let you lead the direction of the conversation. Questions like “What is your role on the team?” and “How do you spread the message of FIRST?” was more the focus of my interview, but I suspect that they want to talk about whatever you guide the conversation towards.

  1. Yes
  2. 2
  3. Feedback sheets are available at pit administration after awards, just like Chairmans.

Hi, I was interviewed at the Groton District this past Saturday and to answer a few questions this is what I think I’m allowed to say. The judges asked about five questions pertaining to my involvement, experiences, and accolades since joining FIRST and how I apply them and will apply them in the future. One of which I felt I should share because it really requires some thought to answer.
The question was, “Do you plan on returning to FIRST as a mentor after you graduate and transferring on the knowledge and skills you’ve learn to future generations and shape their minds the same way your mentors did?”
I thought this would be good to share with not only Dean’s List nominees but also for all students to ponder on and ask themselves, “Will I come back,” and if so, “What information have I learned that I can implement into the young minds of the future?” I know it sounds cheesy (#ejshuffle):stuck_out_tongue: but its honestly a question I like to ask myself frequently.
For me it’s not “Will I come back,” it’s when? And “What info can I transfer on?” The same info that mentors like Dave Ferreira (D@ve), Rick Blight (Ricksta), Tom Dolan (TD78), etc. transferred onto to me during the past four years. I can’t list all of my great mentors but thank you to every single one for teaching me the tools and skills I now have, from something as simple as using a hand drill, to putting together the final product of a robot week 6 of build season. I know I have one more year but I just wanted to let you all know it is beyond words my gratitude to all of you.
Okay this is getting A LOT longer than I thought so all I have left to say is a # that I think would best clarify my answer to the Dean’s List question I was asked on Saturday. #giveback

I was interviewed this past Thursday at the UNH District event. The two judges who interviewed me asked questions about my community involvement outside of FIRST as well as questions about the team. One of the questions I was asked was “How do you motivate students to do jobs that aren’t fun”.

My team’s other Dean’s List nominee was asked questions pertaining to his academic achievement as well as questions about the team. I believe the questions the judges ask you are correlated to the major points of your Dean’s List essay. If you want to really nail the interview, it might be a good idea to read over the essay submitted for you before you go into the interview.

Probably a very dumb question, but is this an interview where dressing up and looking a bit more formal (but not too much) is necessary? Or can we just go in the typical team shirt and stained pants?

Well for chairmans we went in a Suit & Tie. My thoughts were that I was going to do the same or I was going to wear every team shirt from everyone sporting and academic event I was on and talk about them and take them off to reveal the next one. (I am joking about this but It would be pretty awesome to see.)

But to answer your question I see no problem in dressing up or going in a pair of jeans and team shirt. I think that will reflect who you are. So think about how you want to present yourself.

I was selected as a Dean’s List Finalist in 2013 and this year definitely brought some changes. I would have to say that the interview went bad…I was asked one question: Tell us about yourself. I absolutely bombed it Maybe I’ll use this to help me in the future

Oh well…congrats to all Dean’s List Nominees and Finalists

I’ve never made Dean’s List, but it sounds like a job interview (like many award interviews are). And that’s good that you bombed it. You make David’s List heh if you take that bombed interview and learn from it and apply what you learned to the next interview! I know I bombed a super important summer internship interview in December, but I learned to expect every sort of question and be prepared for the hard ones. Even if you don’t think you’re prepared, jump at every interview experience you have because it will only make you better!