Dean's List on College Apps

I was supposed to be the Dean’s list nominee for my team this year; however, my business captain decided niether to write my essay nor tell me until competition. It’s also my junior year so I cannot enter again. Can I still say I was a dean’s list nominee on my college apps? I’m not really sure how this stuff works and would be thankful for any advice you could give.

If you the award submission was never completed and FIRST didn’t notify you as a Dean’s List Semifinalist then I wouldn’t put it on an application. It sucks but there isn’t much you can do about it. Maybe next year you can make sure someone else’s award submission gets completed so they don’t have to go through what you did :slight_smile:

*your not you the… oops

A word of advice:

If a piece of information is relatively easy to verify, and you want it to be verified as being the way you say it is, you NEVER want to stretch the truth beyond verifiable. So… If I were you, I would not put down that you were nominated. Too easy to verify that no, this person was not nominated–all the college has to do is contact FIRST.

(Also: ease of verification should not be a factor in doing the right thing. You did the right thing by asking what the right thing to do was–now please follow through.)

That being said, you need to have a “talk” with the person who was supposed to write and submit the essay, and the mentors on your team.

This award is not submitted by the students. Whether the students have a voice or not is an issue for the team to solve, but a mentor has to actually submit the award. The discussion you need to have isn’t one on “I got screwed over here” but more on the lines of “uh, guys, can we make sure that next year we do this right so someone gets recognized, and I volunteer to help push on that seeing as I’m not eligible?”

I would say to not put it on your application for the reasons already stated above. But if it makes you feel any better, if you’re the kind of student who deserves to be a Dean’s List Semifinalist you probably are in good shape without it on your application anyway, so don’t sweat it too much. If you’re still a junior, if you study hard for the SAT/ACT, finish strong on your grades, and stay involved I have no doubt you’ll do great during college season. Good luck in the future!