Dean's List Question

On the description for the Dean’s List submission it says " Although a single mentor must submit the nomination, the team as a whole must verify the accuracy of the submission. FIRST is relying upon the team for the veracity and accuracy of the submission data."

What does “the team as a whole must verify the accuracy of the submission” mean?

The entire team does not need to read the essay but the entire team is responsible for its content. The mentor should not submit anything which does not reflect the views of the team at large.

For our team it usually mans pulling aside the other student leaders and asking them in private if they are deserving of the award and if the statements made are true, I wouldn’t like put to a vote or anything for the ENTIRE team.

For our team, Dean’s List is a mentor-driven process. Mentors select the nominees, write the essay, and verify it as a group. For example, this year I wrote the bulk of the essay for one of our nominees, with help for a section from another mentor. Then it was sent out to the entire mentor group (11 people) for review before submitting. The WFFA submission is handled similarly - the students work on it as a group, ensuring it’s accuracy and submitting it, without mentor input (and in most cases, without us knowing who they nominated until after the fact!). Other teams may handle these items in different ways, but this works for us, and lets us ensure things are accurate without getting any conflicts of interest involved!

Oh okay. I was worried they would be asked by the judges to confirm the content of what it in the essay and I didn’t know how that would work.

The Dean’s List judges don’t directly consult with anyone during the event other than the student being interviewed themselves. Any relevant information from mentors, other team members, or anyone else in the community needs to be included in the essay.

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