Dean's list, what happens now?


We are a FMA team who just competed in the NJFLA (Mount Olive) event. This was the first year one of our team members received the dean’s list (finalist?) award at the end of the competition (:tada:).

Super proud of them, but my question is-what happens next? Does this automatically qualify our team for our DCMP (Lehigh) even if we don’t make it to top 60? I’ve always heard of this but don’t actually see anything indicating such online. Getting to DCMP is a huge thing for us, and we’ve only ever qualified twice before in 10 years.

We are trying to fix our robot for Seneca now, but we’re just confused/excited about what it means for our team going forward this season…

Much thanks!!

Unfortunately the Dean’s List award does not qualify the team for district champs. District qualification criteria is covered in section 11.8.2 of the manual.

The student who won Dean’s List Finalist will get another interview at district champs.


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