Dean's List

a huge mazel tov to all the dean’s list winners tonight.

but a special mazel to to Ben Rowley Team 1912 Combustion.

he makes 1912 3rd, yes 3rd, dean’s list winner.

and 6 dean list regional winners.

i think we hold the record in FRC and it’s one we are really proud of. we have and always will put our students first. they are amazing.

Quite possibly, you have more Dean’s List Winners than some countries do. Guess that goes to show how amazing Team Combustion is. :slight_smile:

In all seriousness though, congratulations to all of the Dean’s List Winners! This is a huge accomplishment that y’all should be incredibly proud of.

I too noticed this! Congratulations!

It’s pretty awesome that they moved the Dean’s List award ceremony to the big stage where everyone could see it as well. Props to FIRST for getting that right.

btw, 1 of my winners corrected me, 1912 has 7 regional winners.

I did not get to see the live stream. Does anyone have a list of the winners?


Perhaps you have already, but any chance you can share some of their essays? And your mentors’ process for selecting the students and writing the essays?

And for having the FTC DL included.

Previous winners are on our website. This one will be up soon.

Congrats also to Michael Uttmark from team 2980 Oak Harbor Wildcats!

all winning team essays are at

we ask students to submit a short essay about themselves and why they would make a good candidate and then the mentors vote. then one mentor volunteers to write the essay. and past essay writers review it. i am now a review, as i am retired.

Can someone please post the FTC Dean’s list winners somewhere? Thank you!

Can someone post the frc winners?

I just created a thread in the Awards section for listing the recipients. Such a wonderful award.


Link to an article with list and explanation.:slight_smile: