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Just wondering if Dean’s List Judges have the same list if questions for each candidate? Are they the same nationwide? Is it true that if a team wins EI or Chairman at the district level they cannot have a deans list finalist as well?

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At a certain event the opening question(s) they ask are probably the same. If they ask you to elaborate on a specific part of your answer, that’ll be unique to you. They are almost certainly different from event to event but any questions the judges ask will be asked with the goal of determining the candidate’s fit to the Dean’s List Criteria.

Winning Chairman’s/EI should not exclude that team from Dean’s List Finalist consideration. For example I checked the TBA page for the Ontario DCMP and saw that 5672 got the Chairman’s Award and one student from the team got Dean’s List Finalist.


As mentioned above, based on the interviews our two students had, the initial questions were very similar but the interviews were fairly different overall. The judges also asked questions from information provided by the submitted essay, so that also provided input for some of the questions asked.

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At the district event, my interview was 10 minutes and was predominately just an open ended narrative about yourself and your time with FIRST. The judges asked some clarifying questions along the way but you could basically talk about whatever you felt best reflected the award criteria. They asked me a quick question about my school and what the program was like (perhaps to contextualize GPA?) and closed by asking about my participation in prior first programs (which was mentioned in my essay, but probably quite a few others). So in many ways, it was more like a presentation with questions than an interview IMO.

At district champs, it was completely different. Again it was just two judges, they had read the essay I’m sure but they had definitely read the notes from the first interview which evidently were quite detailed. They started right off with detailed questions about my outreach project with CenturyLink to host websites and scouting apps for other FIRST teams. It was a little weird for my because I didn’t want to not give enough background info, but I also didn’t want it to seem like I didn’t have an answer, and I didn’t know how much they had gotten from the first interview. The only general question they asked was revisiting the FLL question, and specifically asking about soft skills.

At both interviews, they did give you a brief closing statement even after time was up, both times I talked about how I appreciated the investment of the mentors in writing my essay, and of my team both younger and older members for encouraging me to grow as a person and as a leader, and especially my team’s past DLSFs for serving as mentors to me even while they were still students themselves. I was glad to have the experience of the different interview styles and both sets of judges were great!

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Thanks… I only have contacts with Mid Atlantic and Chesapeake teams.

From what I’ve been told myself as Dean’s list Semifinalist, no the questions can be different. But if a team wins EI or Chairman’s at a district level it should not stop you personally from earning your scholarship.

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For context on my end (interviewed at Monterey) I sat down and they put a 7 minute timer down in front of me. I got some leading questions that were slightly different than my friend’s, but fairly similar.

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As someone that had two separate Dean’s List interviews back when I was in 10th and 11th grades, I can definitely say the questions are different.

This is the first I’m hearing of this EI/Chairman’s exclusiveness. I think it’s nonsense but someone can try and prove me wrong.

P.S. Here are my sample questions which are a compilation of the two interviews I went to and others from around the web. Searching this forum will return tons of different questions people have received all around the world.

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It’s nonsense. See: Team Rocket - Team 2723 (2017) - The Blue Alliance

We got announced for EI and were taking a team photo when someone ran over and told her to come to the field because she was a DL Finalist.


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