Deans video call interview

I have a problem with my deans list interview and I can’t make it in the regional, I can request for a anticipated interview? If this is possible, how?

It does appear that it’s possible.

Each Semi-finalist will be interviewed at or prior to one (1) event where their team is competing. The interview is a brief 5-7 minutes and will be conducted by a minimum of 2 Judges.

  • This interview does not need to be in-person at the event, though that is the preferred method. Interviews may, if necessary, be conducted by phone or video conference, as long as at least two adults are participating in discussions with the student. Also, this interview does not need to take place concurrently with the event, it may happen beforehand, as long as every Semi-finalist is interviewed and has a fair opportunity for selection.

I don’t know how to get it set it up, but I might start by contacting your Regional Director.