Dean's Water Purifier

During our tour of Deka a few weeks ago, I thought the most impressive project was the water purifier. This self contained device about the size of an air conditioner would purify 10 gal. of water an hour using only 500 watts of power! That is a factor of almost one-fiftieth of the energy to distill 10 gal of water. It will produce very pure drinking water from any water source including sea water and it requires no maintenance. Of all the good stuff we saw, that one really got me.

10 gallons doesn’t seem like much, but that is 240 gallons of safe drinking warer a day. That is enough to support a village or small community.

I think Dean and his group have done it again.

I read in the IndyStar today that there is supposed to be a special on 60 Minutes II this evening featuring Dean Kamen and “His latest invention”. I supposed that this could be the invention that he is supposed to unveil tonight. I guess we’ll have to wait and see :]

Yes… I saw that… It looked pretty good… Took me a while though to realize what the heck it was doing but I figured it out… I wonder what would happen if the guy that drank the “purified” water with Kamen got sick…