Deanslist Link?

We got the email for our semi finalists but no link as to where the interview takes place (virtually) anyone got any ideas as to how we get there?

Did the email contain a specific date and time? As I understand it, the Judge Adviser for your area should send out calendar invites to those involved that contain the Teams link (all judge interviews this year will be over Microsoft Teams).

We received an email from our JA about Chairman’s, but that was looking for us to provide our availability during the indicated time window, so it hasn’t been finalized yet.

Thanks - a date and time - no calendar link as far as I can tell

The head mentor will receive emails from Judge Advisor to make interview arrangements. We received ours earlier this week. Also, make sure your candidate(s) have their FIRST consents signed online (including State specific consents if any).

In that case… I would email them back and ask about a link for the interview. I’m not sure what the process is they have to go through to get those, so it may just be delayed a little.

Thanks - yeah we just did. And Microsoft is a pain setting up a free account etc - I HATE Micro$oft. We just got the first email - school is closed -and setting up the free account with the school email says “contact the network administrator”. So now we try it with a different email etc - just venting now. Heck we have done remote everything with less problems

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