Dear AndyMark,

This weekend at the Houston Championship I got to talk with some AM folk, in particular about a few comments I made earlier this season regarding their company morals. While that discussion has mostly died down now, this weekend I saw that my words had a lasting, hurtful impact, which the crew at AndyMark didn’t deserve. I would like to formally apologize for what I said. Regardless of my opinion on the matter, that was not the right way to go about expressing it, especially in a situation where my opinion really didn’t matter. I let my emotions get the best of me, and I’ll work on making sure it doesn’t happen again.


Thanks, The CD community needs more of this.

Andrew levels up.

We all have experiences in our past that make us better in our future.

Thank you, Andrew!

Andy Baker

Andrew for president! Hurray!

Apology is not a weakness, it’s a sign of GOOD leadership!